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A Glimpse of Beauty: The Rarest Creatures in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Written by Shiela Apura

When it comes to ocean adventures, nothing beats the spectacular and amazing Great Barrier Reef. Contrary to reports and other news, the Great Barrier Reef isn’t dead. The Reef is slowly being rehabilitated and is showing positive signs of recovery should the rehabilitation go smoothly.


The main problem of the Great Barrier Reef is Coral Bleaching. It’s a natural reaction by the coral as temperatures suddenly rise. As we see more progress from the Great Barrier Reef, a lot of people are getting excited about the dives and the exciting experiences they get when diving into an almost alien-like world, full of unique and unusual creatures.


Here’s a list of those creatures that you can get to see while diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Humphead Maori Wrasse

Also known as the Napoleon Wrasse, these fish are marvelous to look at while swimming in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The Humphead Maori Wrasse is distinct for its the large hump on its head. The fish has a different variety of colors such as streaks of yellow, blue, and green.

These docile creatures are not afraid of humans swimming close to them. Be sure to be on the look for these gentle behemoths in the waters.


As their name implies, these fish often look like parrots with their large beaks. Parrotfish often live within the corals, sometimes laying their eggs in the safety of the reef. Once you do spot a Parrotfish hiding within the security of the rocks and coral, try looking a lot closer at the fish. Did you notice a white, plasma-like bubble around the fish?


That’s the mucus from the fish created from the bubbles from its mouth. It’s a defense mechanism or a deterrent for sharks and other predators from discouraging them to prey on the parrotfish.

Spaghetti Worm

Found near Heron Island, this strange worm has a lot of tentacles in the mouth part which resemble long strands of spaghetti, hence the name Spaghetti Worm. Truly a unique worm, these rare alien-like lifeforms are on the lists of most divers who venture into the Great Barrier Reef.



Migaloo, or “The White Fella” in Aboriginal words is the only known white humpback whale in Australia and the whole world. Migaloo is a favorite attraction for whale watchers and people who go on diving tours off the coast of Port Douglas. The white humpback whale also makes frequent visits in the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. Migaloo is considered a rare animal because of his rare condition known as albinism.

Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

Another Majestic fish to look out for in the Great Barrier Reef are the Giant Oceanic Manta Rays. These rays are so large that they can sometimes block the light above unsuspecting divers. When seeing a manta ray, also be on the lookout for the remoras and cleaner fishes swimming underneath these gentle giants.


These creatures, however, pose no harm to divers. Most of the fear that comes with manta rays come from their relatives, the Stingray. Stingrays have poisonous barbs on their tails while manta rays do not have any of these barbs.


Reef Stonefish

When diving, it pays when you keep attention especially when you’re close to the reef. The reef is home to one of the most, if not the most venomous fish in the world, the Reef Stonefish. The reef stonefish, however, do not attack human beings. When they do see divers, they scurry away revealing their dorsal fins which look beautiful.


These sharp dorsal fins are also responsible for the fatalities for a lot of unsuspecting divers. These fins are capable of injecting toxic venom which can kill a human being if left untreated. Most untoward accidents between a diver and a stonefish happen when some divers become unaware of its presence in the reef. Stonefish can blend in seamlessly with the rocks and corals in the reefs.




Going on tours and diving sessions is truly a remarkable experience for first-timers and experienced divers alike. That experience doubles or even triples when venturing into the Great Barrier Reef which is home to a lot of beautiful and amazing creatures. Unique creatures such as the alien-like Spaghetti worm and the rare Migaloo all call the Great Barrier Reef their home. Without their home, these magnificent creatures would not survive. This sad fact is why we have to preserve and help in the rehabilitation of the Great Barrier Reef.


Author Bio


Shiela Apura is a traveler and a thrill seeker who loves to go on adventures throughout the world. She enjoys blogging about her travels and experiences. When not traveling or writing, Shiela spends time with her family and friends.





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