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People no longer trust the water that comes out of their taps, and with good reason. Unfortunately, most states have
contaminated drinking water to some extent. More and more people are turning to filtered water for their health and safety, and sometimes to just have better-tasting water. Places like Clean & Clear Water ( can help you find the right filter system for your home and family.


Contents in the Water

What's the difference between filtered water and tap water? The fundamental difference that filtered water has had a whole range of contaminants and pollutants removed. It's not the same as mineralized or distilled water. Nothing has been added, just cleaned up through a filter. Different sorts of filters are used for varying levels and kinds of pollutants.


According to the Environmental Working Group, there are more than 300 possible contaminants in your average drinking water. To name a few:


  • Lead

  • Mercury

  • Asbestos

  • Nitrates

  • Methane

  • Residues of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides

  • Volatile organics like benzine, toluene, butane


And that's just some of the ones you may have heard of. Complex chemicals like hexachlorocyclopentadiene could be in your next glass of water too.


Not all tap water contaminants are accidental either. Intentional additions of chlorine and fluorine are common in many urban water supplies, and that's getting some people worried. Filters can take care of both, though you'll need a higher-end filter to get rid of the fluorine.


And then you have a host of potential biological contaminants, which can be even worse than the chemicals. Bacteria and parasites are other potential risks with untreated tap water, particularly if your home is served by a private well.


Cost of Filtering

The next big difference is the cost between filtered and tap water. Tap water is clearly the cheaper option, and it may even be free depending on your region's services. But if you're worried about the cost, you might be surprised at your options. There are simple jug filters that you fill up and keep in the fridge, single sink units that filter right at the tap, and there are whole-house systems to really filter your water throughout the home. Smaller systems can be customized for smaller budgets, so don't pass up on filtered water based just on the cost.



Jug filters that go in the fridge do need to be filled up regularly, but any other kind of home filtering system, whether at the tap or whole-house, is just as convenient to use as plain tap water. Just turn on the faucet, and you have clean great-tasting water. No extra work involved, and your water pressure shouldn't be effected.


Filtered or Bottled

You should keep in mind that filtered water is not the same as bottled water. Bottled water is just water in a bottle, and it is not necessarily treated or filtered. Also, terms like "locally sourced" or "spring" have nothing to do with filtration and could still have any number of unwanted ingredients. If you're using bottled water, read the label to see if it is indeed filtered or otherwise purified.




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