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Making your home look less empty

Having a crowded and cluttered home can be irritating to a lot of homeowners, but it’s easy to go too far in the other direction and end up with a really empty-looking house. Most people are used to seeing a lot of decorations and furniture, so guests and visiting family members might question whether or not you’ve put any effort into making your home look nice. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can quickly set up some new decorations to cover the empty spots, both in the short term and as a permanent addition to your home.

Divide rooms

Room dividers are a great way to use up space without committing to a big change. Regular standing dividers can be good for blocking movement and sight lines across larger rooms, letting you turn one large area into two or three smaller spots. Hanging curtains can also block light without obstructing movement too much.

Move seating

Inching your sofas and chairs closer together can make a room feel much smaller, especially if a lot of people will be sitting in there at once. Seating can take up a surprising amount of space if it’s arranged properly, and moving them inwards rather than against the walls also leaves room for you to walk behind them.

Use rugs

A rug can fill in empty floorspace without physically blocking people from moving around. It makes sense for a rug to be completely exposed, so guests will see the space as “full” even though it’s still just empty floor. Most rugs will rest perfectly on any kind of flooring, especially thicker ones.

Grow plants

There are certain types of indoor plants that spread out their leaves, which can be a useful way to fill up empty corners or windowsills, whereas thinner plants are good for filling gaps between seats or other pieces of furniture. They don’t necessarily have to be real: you can always buy some fake plants instead if you don’t have time to take care of them.

Add posters

Posters are a cheap, quick way to cover up blank space on the wall, and are much less permanent than some other wall decorations. Some people prefer to get posters of films, games and celebrities they like, but it’s not hard to find a photo printing service if you’d prefer to get something specific printed, like a collage of family photographs or a piece of art done by a family member.

Hang curtains

Bare windows aren’t necessarily a problem, but not having a way to cover them up can make a room feel much larger, since the area around your home is always visible. Blinds and opaque curtains let you block sight lines but still let some natural light through, and you’ll still be able to draw them back whenever you need to.

Planning the Perfect Barbecue

Spring is basically upon us and that means swimming, barbecuing and time spent outdoors. If you’re ready for the warmer weather then perhaps it’s time you plan your first barbecue for spring. It will give you something to look forward to and think about while the days are still chilly. Then before...

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Gas Heaters, Electric Heaters or Wood Heaters?

With technology evolving, you may be wondering which heater is best for your home. Generally, there are three main variations of heaters: gas heaters, electric heaters and wood heaters. The main distinction is the primary source of fuel. In this article, we will be looking at the different aspec...

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Simple tips to help add value to your house

For anyone who owns the property and specifically the house that they live in, there is always something quite special about doing work that will add value to the property. You might not be planning to sell your place, but it is always great to know that the value contained in your asset is increa...

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Can You Get Termites In A Brick House?

Termites are generally known as wood-destroying insects. This specific property exhibited by termites made many homeowners believe that their brick home is immune to termite infestation. This belief is further strengthened by the fact that brick and concrete homes are quite harder for termites to ...

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7 Budget-friendly Cozy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A bedroom is a place to rest and recharge your batteries. But if at the end of a long day, you enter your bedroom and it's not giving you anything but a calm and happy feeling, it might be time for a make-over. So here are 7 budget-friendly ways to make your bedroom a cozy getaway at the end of the ...

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Top 4 Tips for Heating with Wood

For most people, burning firewood remains a primary source of heat in winter. So, it's only imperative to learn tips on how this heat source can be adequately maintained to keep one warm and cozy. If you have questions about the finer points of building fires or using them for heat, here are four...

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The Pros of Using a Natural Gas Heater

Natural Gas Heaters: Pros vs. Cons Homeowners who are considering which type of heating will be best for their home should consider natural gas. Natural gas is a commonly chosen fuel for a variety of reasons. However, there are also some drawbacks to using natural gas heaters or having a gas fire...

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6 Ways To Bring Your Garden To Life With Garden Lighting

Enjoying your garden and the hard work you have put in can be a wonderful experience. Add a level of intrigue and wonder with some well placed garden lighting. Garden design is an important part of making a statement with your home. Lush gardens and winding paths instil a sense of wonder that can...

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Tips to make garden maintenance easier

Having a beautiful garden is something that most people aspire to. A place of greenery, nature and serenity, an ideal way to make a good first impression when guests come to visit. But while this is the goal that most people look to work towards, the flip side is that most folks don’t want to spen...

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The Cat Cleanup - How to Keep Your House Free of Feline Fur

Alice finally approached the door of her house after a long day at work. 'Ugh, finally home.' she thought as she turned the keys in the door. The first thing that greeted her was her cat, Angus, rubbing up against her legs. 'Hey, Gus,' she said. 'at least you're here to greet me, where's Willi...

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How to Plan Your New-Look Living Room

One of the most used rooms in your home is the living room. It’s where you’ll relax after work, socialise with those that you live with, watch television, play games, and host parties and events. It sometimes functions as a quiet and peaceful haven, and sometimes as a boisterous and fun social spa...

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7 Types of Materials for Sustainable Construction

A lot of emphasis on the fact that we must have a much more sustainable and efficient construction. Constructions are responsible for 40% of the world's CO2 emissions and also consume 40% of the world's energy. This calculation includes everything from the process of manufacturing and transport of...

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