Everything You Need To Know About Vaping E-liquid In Winter

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When the weather starts to get colder, hobbies like vaping may not seem as much fun as they were in summer. Not only do you have to wear multiple layers that take up a lot of your time, but you also have to brace freezing and uncomfortable temperatures to get to work. The cold can even have an impact on the way you vape e-liquid. Simple steps can help you ensure that your vaping experience is unaffected by plummeting temperatures. Here is everything you need to know to help you enjoy your vaping experience in the colder months:

E-Liquid Can Freeze... But Only In Extremely Cold Temperatures

You're probably wondering whether e-liquid inside the e-cigarette can freeze when the temperature is freezing outside. Keep this in mind:

  • *  While e-liquid can freeze, it is not quite the same as water and has a lower point of freezing because of its main ingredients – vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol or a combination of both.

  • *  E-liquid will only freeze in extremely cold temperatures, so you don't have to worry too much – but you may want to make sure it isn't exposed to the cold weather outside.

  • *  Keep your e-liquid indoors (in heated conditions if necessary) and away from cold outdoor temperatures.

  • *  E-liquid may get thicker when cold so you will need to inspect your clearomiser and keep it clean to maximise the flavour you get from the vape.

According to E-liquid Mate, the Australian Shop, e-liquid is always best stored indoors whether it is hot or cold outside to protect it from going off.

Use Some Lip Moisturiser To Avoid Lips Getting Stuck To E-Cigarette

Winter can be harsh on your skin, including your lips especially when the temperature plummets with cold winds. Consider the following:

  • *  Cold tips on vaping devices make lips dry and cause them to crack.

  • *  Dry lips can get stuck on the e-cigarette tip and make it harder for you to vape.

  • *  Dry and cracked lips can hurt when you vape without protecting them.

  • *  Lip moisturiser protects your lips and ensures they don't stick to the e-cigarette base.

Vaping in winter is very different from the same task in summer. Keep your lips protected especially when vaping outdoors by moisturising them regularly. If the e-cigarette does get stuck to your lips, be extra slow and gentle when trying to remove it to avoid hurting yourself.

Take Extra Care Of Your E-Cigarette Battery By Keeping It Warm

When the cold rolls around, you need to be extra careful with a lot of things in your house, including your e-cigarette battery. Consider the following:

  • *  Cold temperatures can reduce the battery life of your e-cigarette so you need to prevent it from getting cold.

  • *  The battery should be removed from the e-cigarette and kept in a warm box or cloth to ensure optimum performance over winter.

  • *  Ensure the battery is not exposed to outdoor chilly temperatures for too long. If you intend to vape outside, bring the e-cigarette in right after.

  • *  Keep the e-cigarette in a warm pouch to ensure the device isn't too cold when you bring it out to vape.

Your e-cigarette battery needs extra care when the weather gets colder. Make sure you follow these instructions to protect its performance and shelf life for as long as possible.

Take Smaller Draws When Vaping To Protect The Battery And Device

Cold winter temperatures have an impact on your vaping experience because they can reduce your throat hit. Consider the following:

  • *  Heat generated by your atomiser will be less in winter because of cold air entering the e-cigarette.

  • *  Reduced heat causes a reduced throat hit.

  • *  Reduced heat and throat hit may cause you to take longer draws.

Avoid taking longer draws because this can end up compromising the shelf life of the battery, atomiser and device. You may also consume more e-liquid and will need to purchase more unnecessarily.

Just because the temperatures fall doesn't mean you have to stop vaping outside. Simple measures can help you enjoy your vape no matter where you are and irrespective of the weather conditions. Employ these winter vaping tips to make your experience more satisfying and rewarding.

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