TOP-10 thing you didn’t know about casinos

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Casinos are a huge source of interesting myths, legends, and stories that seem too good to be true. Some of the most interesting facts about new online casinos and gambling come from societies where it is prohibited, proving that it is difficult to keep people from this type of entertainment.

Las Vegas speculated on atomic bomb tests in the 1950s

Beginning in 1951, the US Department of Energy began detonating more than a thousand test cores 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, a scary sight that “turned night into day,” with mushroom clouds visible from casinos at a growing tourist destination. Vegas is Vegas, the city has turned horror shows into business opportunities by promoting atomic bomb shipments and offering special "atomic cocktails" in casino bars. There was even a Miss Atomic Energy beauty pageant at one casino, complete with little cloudy outfits of atomic mushrooms!

Monaco citizens cannot play at the casinos

For example, Monte Carlo Casino is a gambler's paradise ... if you're not really from Monaco. In that case, you don't belong here: Princess Caroline banned citizens from playing in casinos in the mid-1800s, insisting that only foreigners can play. The good news is that citizens do not have to pay income tax as Monaco uses casino money instead.

Counting cards is not prohibited

Counting cards is a perfectly legal blackjack strategy that involves keeping track of which cards are dealt and which remain in the deck as you play. Movies like Rain Man and Twenty-One seem like magic, but it's actually pretty simple arithmetic. However, this did not stop casinos around the world from fighting card counting, especially if the player was less subtle in their approach (for example, actor Ben Affleck was banned from using the casino in 2014 for his cunning). In addition to players leaving or playing another game, casinos also struggle with card counting by changing the rules a little or shuffling the deck more often.

The sandwich was invented at the casino

Legend has it that in 1765 John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, was such a big player that he didn't want to leave the gambling table to eat. Instead, Montagu told his servants to simply bring him some meat between the sliced bread so he could eat and play at the same time. Thus, the "sandwich" was born.

The first slot machine did not appear in a casino

When mechanic Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1895, it wasn’t even installed in a casino, and far from Las Vegas. Fairy's Liberty Bell car was actually in his San Francisco auto shop for customers to play while waiting for their cars to be fixed. This became so popular that casinos started buying them to keep players busy when the table games were full.

You can voluntarily ban yourself from entering the casino

If you do not want to visit a casino in any way, several US states allow you to be banned from entering the casino. Thus, you become a criminal if you step on the game floor. For example, Ohio has a so-called "Voluntary Exclusion" program for gamblers, which allows them to be banned for a year, five years, or for life.

The sum of the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666

Gambling and superstition go hand in hand, so it should come as no surprise that some mystical properties have been attributed to some popular casino players. The biblical "number of the beast" appears in every casino with a roulette wheel: if you add all the numbers on the wheel, you get 666!

The smallest casino in the world is at the back of a London taxi

The alleged "smallest casino in the world" doesn't even have an address. The Grosvenor Casino in London has a mobile casino in the back of the cockpit that has a gaming table, dealer, bar, and TV with sports channels.

Casinos are illegal in Japan, but ...

The Japanese have developed a loophole that allows players to correct their mistakes: while casinos are illegal in the country, Pachinko's salons are not. Pachinko is a slot machine game in which players receive small silver balls. The balloons can be exchanged for alcohol, toys, or other prizes ... but you can also ask for “special prize” tokens.

The license for the first casino in Las Vegas was issued to a woman

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