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Why Consider Coconut Oil For Dogs?

Dogs are gems in this far less colorful world. They’re a one-of-a-kind creature that can make us feel happy, sad, loved, stressed, amused, annoyed, and excited in a single day. They can shift from being a real darling to a nasty rascal with a bat of an eye. Oh, how magnificently fragile and precious these little furry babies are!

They deserve all the love and care in this world – no more, no less.

As a dog owner, I know how it feels to be more worried about your pet’s health than your own (you should really pay more attention to your health though!). This is probably because, unlike us, these angels have no way of knowing how to care for themselves – especially when they have been domesticated. When they get hungry, they have no choice but to wait for you to give them a treat. When they’re lonely, they simply have to wait for you to get home and give them cuddles. When they’re sick, they can only whimper in anguish hoping that you’ll understand that they need medical attention. Dogs are the sweetest canines in the planet and it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

That said, we owners should take it upon ourselves to let them experience a happy and healthy life. We have to protect them from worldly threats that they cannot defend themselves from. One thing we can do, for example, is to make sure that they maintain high immunity against common health issues and diseases.

Aside from managing their diet, how do you keep your dog healthy? I know you have your own ways but today, let me share mine.

Things I Do To Keep My Furry Pal Healthy

I’m Strict With Snacking

Snacks keep dogs energetic and motivated. It really helps when you’re still potty training or when you’re preparing your dog for a local pet show. Dogs love treats and you can have them do whatever you want them to as long as you keep them on hand. In my case, however, I always watch what my dog eats. Yes, even with snacking, I’m still strict. (Btw, here’s a nice list of healthy dog treats I like: https://moderndogmagazine.com/gallery/12-single-ingredient-healthy-dog-treats)

Some owners just let their dogs have whatever they want but to be safe, I only give my dog treats that are good for him like nutri-biscuits and veggie chews. Having your dog eat anything can be risky and unhealthy. You can be starting a health issue without even knowing it.

I Always Take My Dog Out For Walks

Walking is good for people and it is also good for your pet. When I walk with my dog, it feels like I’m hitting two birds with one stone – I get to exercise; my dog gets to exercise. It is a dog’s natural instinct to run around and feel free, encouraging your dog’s sluggish ways will only lead to obesity and poor muscle development. Make it a point to get your dog out for a walk everyday or every weekend if your schedule is too loaded. Together, achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I Infuse My Dog’s Diet With Coconut Oil

I know that you’re probably thinking “What?” after reading that subheading but trust me, you read it right. According to this website, coconut oil is good for your dog’s digestive system; it promotes better digestion of food. You see, coconut oil has a high concentration of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids or MCFAs which are easier to break down and digested. This aids the conversion of food into energy really well and helps reduce the strain caused by food digestion in your dog’s stomach. Also, I like how my dog’s coat really improved after I’ve infused coconut oil in his diet. It’s a lot thicker and softer; I just love sharing my bed with him now – despite the drool.

In terms of cost, coconut oil is quite cheap as well. Plus, you don’t really have to include so much with each meal – a spoonful or two is more than enough. If you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s health for less, then I really suggest you try this out.

After all, there really is no harm in trying. It’s natural, safe, and you can use it for yourself too – just in case you ran out of cooking oil.

Anyway, try any of my personal tips above and let me know how everything turns out. I would love to hear your dog stories. Ciao for now!

Why Consider Coconut Oil For Dogs?

Dogs are gems in this far less colorful world. They’re a one-of-a-kind creature that can make us feel happy, sad, loved, stressed, amused, annoyed, and excited in a single day. They can shift from being a real darling to a nasty rascal with a ...

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