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How to Determine How Much Paint You Need to Paint Your Home

When painting your home, it’s important to determine how much paint you’ll need before a brush touches the wall. Once you’ve found the perfect colour, you’ll need to know which type of paint will be best for your walls,and most importantly, how much of it you’ll need. You should take your time when deciding, as rushing the decision can cause you to spend more money than you need to. Fortunately, calculating the amount of paint you need doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, house painters in Melbourne do it all the time. Read on for some tips to help you determine how much paint you’ll need to coat your home.

Measure the Room

It’s essential to measure all the walls you wish to paint in order to find out how much paint you’ll need for your project. This can be worked out with a simple calculation that helps you find the amount of paint in litres needed for a single coat of paint. Measure the surface area of your room, but don’t include the ceiling and the floor. Home painters in Melbourne recommend adding the measurements of the width of your walls and multiplying them by the height of the room to determine the square metre size of your room.

Finalise Your Calculations

Once you’ve measured and worked out the room size, you’ll need to divide the paintable surface area of your room by the square metre capacity of a 5 litre tub of paint.If your paint comes in a different size, use this number to determine how many tubs of paint you’ll require to finish the job properly. If you find that you’re short by a little bit, order a few small tins to make up the difference. This is what most home painters in Melbourne do to make the most of their paint.

Use a Paint Calculator

A good way to determine how much paint you’ll need for your home is by using an online paint calculator. This can be a simple way of quickly working out the amount of paint you’ll need for a room. It’s more accurate than a rough guess,asit provides you with a precise figure based on the information you input. House painters in Melbourne recommend using a paint calculator in order to avoid going over your budget or running out of the paint you need to finish the job.

Paint Strategically

With all the correct calculations done, you’re now ready to start painting. Consider how many coats you want to give your walls and what type of paint you want to use. Remember that on average, a four litre bucket of paint will allow you to paint roughly 32 square metres of wall for a single coat. For the most efficient end result, it’s best to also use a primer coat in order to blank the previous paint. This will also help to bring your paint colour to life for a more professional look and feel.


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