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You must know these urgent medical care options

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Crowded emergency rooms, long waiting times - anyone who has ever had to go to the hospital unplanned knows this situation. However, not everyone who dials 000 or comes straight to the emergency room is also an emergency. The number of people who do not need urgent treatment at all has increased in recent years. This is also because many do not even know who to contact with medical complaints. In most cases, it is better to opt for home doctor New South Wales.

Which number do you dial for medical complaints?

In this case, you can find out in which cases there is a medical emergency and which other contact points are available. However, the medical emergency number is 000.

When do you need to go to the hospital and when to the doctor?

In some situations, it is not easy for a bedridden to distinguish whether it is a real emergency or not. An emergency is generally assumed if there is a risk to life or permanent damage. These risks and permanent damages include serious accidents, suspected stroke, heart attack, severe blood loss, and similar situations. Then it is clear – you need to dial 000 immediately or go to a rescue center.

Emergency number

In some health issues, it is better to contact your family doctor first. You can dial 000 when it comes to feeling insure, at night, on weekends, or public holidays. In a few situations, when there is no clinic or hospital near, and you cannot make the doctor's appointment, the medical on-call service helps. The medical associations (also called emergency service or emergency service) can be reached on the emergency free number 000. Callers are automatically forwarded to the central office responsible for their place of residence.

Assessment of emergency

The medical staff of the emergency service assesses the nature of the emergency and current health situation. They decide whether someone urgently needs help, a home visit, or whether the patient should go to a so-called emergency hospital. There are certain situations when the patient cannot wait for the doctor until the next working day. In this scenario, general practitioners and specialists treat the patient other than regular office hours. The medical on-call service looks after both health insurance and private patients.

Emergency care and medical assistance 24/7

Emergency number 000. You can dial this number in these difficult situations:

  • In acute, possibly life-threatening conditions

  • Emergency hospital admission

How does emergency medical service work?

Trained employees answer an emergency call on number 000. They ask specific questions, and also they guide the caller through the conversation. Usually, the first question is where to go (where?). If the conversation is interrupted, you can call again. Then information on what is happening (what?). Who is or are affected (who? How many?). Further details are also clarified. The trained employees who guide you use the information to decide either you need an ambulance or an emergency doctor.

When the ambulance arrives at the patient, a paramedic or a doctor takes care of the first aid. If necessary, the patient is then transported to the emergency room of a hospital as quickly as possible.

Act correctly in an emergency

In an emergency, first aid is often essential for survival. Achieving them is often easier than you think.

How do emergency rooms work?

In an emergency room, specialists generally first assess which cases are urgent and need to be treated immediately. They prioritize the cases using vital signs such as breathing, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and the symptoms and information provided by the patient. Some hospitals divide the patients into different color groups: red for acutely life-threatening patients, yellow for seriously injured, and green for slightly injured. Others work with a five-stage system with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, and blue; red being immediate treatment and blue being non-urgent. It is important to provide clear information about health complaints directly when registering.

Further treatment

A doctor examines the patient and decides on further treatment. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient is referred to as the responsible specialist department or can be discharged home with a doctor's recommendation.

Call service

As discussed above. Remember the emergency number 000 for New South Wales (NSW).

When do you call?

  • If the patient's condition cannot wait until the next day for medical treatment.

  • On-call doctors treat you either in your practice or in an on-call practice that you can visit.

The primary point of contact is on-call duty practitioners. This is preferable, especially if your state of health does not allow you to go to an on-call practitioner.

Please note: There may be longer waiting times in the hospital or for home visits.

Emergency medicines

Emergency medicine can always be "on-call" to bridge the period up to care during office hours. The diagnostic and therapeutic options in practice are always better. Hence the urgent recommendation is to see a doctor of trust.


The ambulance reaches you within a very short time. For example, you can call 000 for the following symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness or significant loss of consciousness

  • Severe respiratory system disorders

  • Severe heart problems

  • Acute bleeding

  • Accidents suspected of serious injuries

  • Poisoning

  • Fires involving people

  • Drowning

  • Electrocution

  • Attempts at the suicide of all kinds

  • Acute, persistent arousal

  • Acute, persistent seizures

  • Sudden birth or complications in pregnancy

  • Acute, persistent severe pain

A rescue team provides the help, consisting of two paramedics who come to your place with the ambulance. In certain emergencies, the rescue team is a substitute for the emergency doctor.

Hospital of your choice

The ambulance service temporarily treats the patients. These patients require inpatient treatment in a hospital of their choice. The central emergency room in the hospital entertains inpatient treatment. The triggering causes are identified and treated through inpatient treatment. Depending on the cause of the disease and the condition of the patient, some special treatments may be necessary. These special treatments also include operations or admission to an intensive care unit. The hospital has designed the central emergency department for the admission and acute treatment of emergency patients.


New regulation of emergency care should plan to organize outpatient and inpatient emergency care centrally "under one roof". Common emergency control centers are used to direct patients to the right place. The patients are either accommodated in a hospital, or the family doctor directs on call. Besides, the new regulation will restructure inpatient emergency care. The hospitals in the future will be upgraded according to emergency levels and must meet certain minimum requirements.

Alternative care models, such as portal practices, are already being tested. A portal practice is a general practitioner standby practice in the immediate vicinity. Real emergencies end up in the hospital emergency room; the family doctor will treat the non-emergency cases in the portal practice.

You must know these urgent medical care options

Crowded emergency rooms, long waiting times - anyone who has ever had to go to the hospital unplanned knows this situation. However, not everyone who dials 000 or comes straight to the emergency room is also an emergency. The number of people who do not need urgent treatment at all has increased i...

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