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10 tips to look stylish in basic clothes

  • Written by News Company

If there’s one term used in the fashion circle that has known to send shivers down everyone’s spines, it’s ‘basic.’ The term is specifically used to mean something that wouldn’t stand out. Hence, the use of it in association with things that aren’t meant to catch attention. However, the term is more or less of a misnomer. Why? Well, the fact that basic is seen as such a monstrosity is simply because it’s never done right. With the right style tips, you’ll be catching attention in the most ‘basic’ clothes.

Before we go on with explaining how to make basic fashion work, we need to understand what it would even mean. Think of that one top hanging in your wardrobe that you absolutely love because you feel like it’s effortless. If you’re like 99% of the population, that safe top is probably a basic shirt. Basic clothing comes in monotones (with maybe subtle hints of other colors) and is practically made to go with everything. This is why they don’t stand out. The fact that they go with everything makes everything else the star.

Is this a bad thing? Quite the contrary. Which is why I believe that the use of the term has been largely demoted from what it should mean - effortless. Here are a few ways you can look absolutely stylish in basic clothing:

1.Tie Down That Basic Button Shirt:

We’ve often seen celebrities and influencers flaunting styles that we believe we can only admire from afar. The difference between them and any other woman isn’t an unlimited wardrobe but unlimited ideas. Do you really think an Instagram influencer goes out buying new clothes on a daily? No. She just styles different tops in different ways to come out with chic ideas.

A classic way to style your basic top is to tie down your button shirt into a knot. This gives the illusion of high waisted jeans and bottoms. Furthermore, this is a style that will look both modern and chic without the expense of looking either tacky or overdone.

2.Add Belts To Hug Your Figure:

Belts have been largely ignored as more of a commodity, rather than a necessity. This is something that needs to change. The very fact that a belt can change average nightwear into evening wear speaks volume over its use. Different color of fancy belts can be used to give your casual wear an attractive look.

3.Contrasting With Scarves:

Perhaps my favourite thing about basic tops or bottoms is the fact that they can be easily contrasted with many options. In many cases, women often want something that will be both simplistic in its use and classy in its effect. This is best done with a scarf.

4.Your Makeup Needs To Be On Point:

If you’re looking for a way to make the same outfit look classy in different events, without having to change the outfit. Then you’re like a million other women out there - including myself. It can be as much of a hassle as buying new clothes. Once you find a particular style that you absolutely adore, it can be hard to part with it for different occasions. Make up is like icing on the top when you are wearing a good dress.

Helpful tip: don’t change your outfit, change your makeup. Ever heard of a ‘classic red lip?’ Well, that classic red lip can come in handy in more than one ways. If you’re switching to party mode after work in the same basic white T-shirt, just put on some lipstick and eyeliner, and you’re good to go.

5.Layering Basic Outfits:

Women often shudder at the thought of having to layer or having to mix and match. Honestly, for due reason. The only thing that’s separating you from looking tacky right now is how you style your outfit. The very use of the term isn’t definitive with overdoing a look in terms of layers. Rather the wrong layers.

You could layer your basic yellow dress with a floral jacket. Likewise, you could just as easily pair basic black tops with striped bottoms. Layering isn’t one of the seven deadly sins, not doing it right might be.

6.Statement Pieces To Cause A Scene:

A statement piece is any form of jewellery that is known to pop out. What this implies is that instead of being a delicate chain, a statement piece is much bulkier. Think of those typical necklaces you see influencers wearing all the time. Not just neckpieces, statement pieces can be anything. What matter is that they stick true to their name and make themselves known. What better way than to style them with basic outfits?

7.Tuck It In The Front, Let it Loose From The Back:

If you want to wear basic outfits in such a way that you want it to stay true to its original use, yet not look too underdone. Then perhaps the best way to do so is to style it in a way that looks both effortless and classy. When you see paparazzi images of celebrities coming out from the gym or the store, you see them as beautiful. Beauty, quite literally, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Their styling game is what’s on point. Not the fact that they wear designer wear.

8.Adding Texture And Patterns:

The age-old debate: should you play with various patterns? The answer to this, yes. The limitation: overdoing it. However, even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to when to start and when to finish, then go with basic clothing. Basic clothing acts as a canvas of sorts and can be incorporated with so many variations, yet never going overboard.

9.White Is Universal:

When it comes to basic white tops, bottoms or dresses - you can add in any color you want. The color white stands for a universal color where anything goes, and nothing goes wrong. This fact is handy when it comes to picking out outfits that vary in color.

10.Sunglasses Look Chic - No Matter What:

Your basic outfit is meant to look effortless, and this is highlighted by your sunglasses. Your sunglasses are supposed to make you look both chic as well as casual. A very fine line that only this accessory can pull off.


Well, there you have it, ten ways you can look stylish in basic clothing. Just remember, basic clothing adds more to your outfit rather than taking away from it.