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The Cat Cleanup - How to Keep Your House Free of Feline Fur

Alice finally approached the door of her house after a long day at work. 'Ugh, finally home.' she thought as she turned the keys in the door.

The first thing that greeted her was her cat, Angus, rubbing up against her legs. 'Hey, Gus,' she said. 'at least you're here to greet me, where's William?'

That’s when she saw all the pet fur that adorned the couch and armchairs. She looked at the couch and noticed the grey fur of William's coat, mixed with that of Gus' brown.

'Well, time to clean up, because you princes are isolated until Aunt Audrey leaves after the weekend.’

Whether you like a tabby or ginger, a senior or a kitten, for most of us who are lovers of felines, the one thing we have to deal with is their hair, even with how meticulously they can groom themselves.

If you’re going to welcome a kitty cat into your home be prepared to, in most cases, expect and accept some shedding.

Therefore, whether through cleaning or otherwise, here is my guide on how you can limit the amount of feline fur in your house.

Zoom up that fur:

When it comes to keeping your home fur-free, sucking up the dander is often the first thought. A powerful vacuum cleaner will make the task of getting rid of the pet hair a breeze.

It may seem like a chore but regularly vacuuming the fur out of the carpet can help keep your home clean, healthy and free of potential allergens.  

Moreover, by using a power vacuum like dyson v, you can make the task much easier and it will take less time.

Go hypoallergenic when choosing breeds:

On the topic of allergens, if you want to keep a cat as a companion, yet you or someone you know is allergic to pet dander –cats in particular ­– select your breed carefully.

Choose a breed that is a minimal shedder or better yet ­– hairless! The most famous of these many would know as the Sphynx breed. Being nearly or indeed, hairless, some can see a lack of affection toward this breed.

However, for a faithful companion, there is nothing more opposite. According to hillspet.com, a Sphynx's personality can be an "energetic and acrobatic performer, who loves to show off for attention."

They are affectionate and loyal, often wanting to be involved or snuggle up beside you.

Other breeds that are good as hypoallergenic include the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, as well as the British Shorthair, as they are known to have short undercoats which shed less.

Be wise about your furniture choices:

If you want to free your house from feline fur, or at least limit it, be selective about the furnishings in your home. While upholstery may look more cozy and comfortable, when it comes to kitty fur, for most it can seem like a nightmare.

However, according to The Spruce, “there are some heavy-duty fabrics that can withstand a few claw marks, prevent clinging pet hair and resist dirt marks due to the occasional accident."

Another furnishing that will resist fur is leather, as it is smooth and doesn't have fibres that will cling. However, make sure your kitty is well trained or has access to a scratching post, so it doesn't get wrecked.

Groom your cat regularly:

One of the main ways to keep your cat healthy and to keep your home free of fur, or at least reduced, is to brush and groom them regularly.

According to cuteness.com, "...by brushing your cat regularly, you can control the amount of fur you brush off, and it ends up on your brush instead of all over the furniture.

It can also be a great way to bond with your feline if they like receiving attention.


Now, there are my tips for how to keep your house free of feline fur, or at least reduce it. Remember:

  •         A powerful vacuum can work wonders.
  •         Being selective about your furniture can keep the hair at bay.
  •         Regular grooming will save both your furniture and keep your    cat healthy.
  •         Hairless or minimal undercoats can help allergens.

Good Luck!

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