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Living Lean - 5 Tips to Keep the Weight Off This Winter

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Winter can be a challenging time of year. Not only is it a battle to soldier through howling gales and driving rain, but it also brings on hankerings for carbs and fats that your body craves to make it through the long chill. Consequently, it can be tough to find the balance between keeping your weight consistent and your body happy. However, if you want to stay healthy this winter, consider any of these five tips.

Personal Training

Exercising alone is tough and makes it difficult to muster up the momentum to continuously pound the pavement, or pump that iron, especially when the weather is bleak. Lack of motivation and the repetitive nature of most exercise routines are the most pernicious killers of any fitness regime. However, having someone there to encourage and cajole you into getting off the couch and work up a sweat can be just the antidote. According to a leading personal trainer in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne’s outer-west, personal training can be the antidote to this ailment. “The fact that you’re accountable to someone who’s getting paid to ensure you get the best out of yourself can be a powerful driving force. You’ve paid for a set time and day to be there, and you’re not doing it alone. You have all the help and support you require to get fit, get healthy, and get active.”

Stick to your Diet

In winter, the supermarket makes a point of featuring all those carbo-loaded, delicious treats your body yearns for but doesn’t need. From sausage rolls and pies through to creamy soups and fatty broths – the marketing is on overdrive up because winter is all about indulging and comfort food, right? Wrong! If you’re determined to keep the weight off, it’s crucial to eat the same foods you would eat year-round.

While salad ingredients can be a little more expensive during winter, it’s not difficult to keep your menu in line with what you would typically eat in the warmer months.  

No Excuses

When you know you should be exercising, you can become the master of excuses. It’s too hot, or it’s too cold, your workout clothes are in the wash, there are so many excuses you can muster up to avoid being active and nestle into the couch instead to binge watch missed Married At First Sight episodes.  It’s important not to let the weather or any other factor affect your workout routine. Choosing an indoor activity like Yoga can be a big help in this department. All you need to do is find a 20-35-minute workout video online and get cracking.

Get Social

As previously mentioned, exercising alone can often be more challenging than the workout itself. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. In such cases, try making exercise social. Organise a group of friends with whom to get active, or join a free exercise group on, Gumtree or another online forum. The best part is, making exercise social can pave the way for new friendships and support you never thought you’d find.

Make Small Changes

Keeping your body weight consistent doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. By making small changes, you can experience exceptional results. Bike to work instead of driving, use the stairs instead of the lift. There are plenty of little things you can do every day to help achieve your goal of a happier, healthier you. You just have to be motivated to do them.

While the lure of hot pies and sausage rolls can be too much to bear, it’s crucial to think of the bigger picture. Hire the help of a personal trainer, join a group, or make small changes in your life. Small steps can equate to triumph in no time.

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