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How Do LED Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

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With the rising popularity of teeth whitening in recent times, newer products and methods are also consistently hitting the market. It is therefore natural that consumers seek to learn more and more about these products and methods to determine what suits them best.

Among the new entrants into this segment is the LED or light emitting diode teeth whitening system. This is a bleach based method of treatment and at home kits containing lower concentration of the bleach compared to what a dentist’s office offers are also available. Typically, LED teeth whitening systems involve multiple applications of prescribed whitening agent, mouth trays and applicators for treatment over several days. It is expected that light speeds up the process of whitening by acting as a catalyst on carbamide peroxide converting it to hydrogen peroxide which is the bleaching agent responsible for the whiteness on your teeth.

Are LED teeth whitening kits safe to use

Irrespective of whether you are choosing LED teeth whitening system or any other at-home whitening products, you should first be very clear that the bleaching agent used is in tune with your sensitivity level. Remember also that sensitivity is uniform across ages, gender or other factors and in fact it is unique with every individual.

Sensitivity apart, you should also factor in another potential drawback attributed to LED teeth whitening. The light, heat or laser employed in the process can potentially damage the pulpal tissue. Studies also point to the possibility of discoloration between the teeth and filings when you use LED whitening. Therefore, seeking the advice of a qualified dentist is the best way to stay safe before embarking on a home based treatment.

How does LED teeth whitening system compare with other at-home teeth whitening kits

To understand which teeth whitening system works best for you, it is essential to understand how the active teeth whitening kits stack up. According to scientific studies undertaken, the extent of discoloration prior to commencement of treatment, the volume of active gel that is used, and the length of treatment are among the key factors. Generally, it was noticed that individuals who chose an in-office LED teeth whitening experienced better results the at-home kits delivered moderate results. The studies added further that LED lights failed to add any significant value to the at-home kits in relation to the bleaching process.

Whitening products that do not have bleach will only lighten your teeth superficially. For instance, tooth pastes can be mildly abrasive is helpful in removing stains and whitening pastes are significantly more effective in removing stains. But, as a thumb rule, bleach based at home products have demonstrated their ability to lighten your teeth by about 7 shades. Thus, it could be beneficial if you continue using whitening toothpaste every day.

Teeth whitening cannot be a substitute for your oral care

While LED teeth whitening is a good option to get that striking smile back, it cannot substitute regular measures of oral care. Therefore, everyday brushing (twice a day, preferably), flossing etc cannot be ignored merely because you have had an LED teeth whitening either using an at-home kit or at a dentist’s office. When you use a professional grade LED teeth whitening kit, you can expect superior results in about 3 days and enhanced results in less than 10 days. But, you should remember that without the everyday care, no teeth whitening product can address the overall health of your teeth.

Rely on the professionals

As we have mentioned earlier,
sensitivity is unique for every individual and professionals can identify your level of sensitivity and also test multiple products to arrive at ingredients that work best for you. All teeth whitening products are not make alike and that is another important reason for you to seek professional advice. Admittedly, you need to set apart time and money for professional services, but you will eventually find that to be a wise decision in the long run. Unless you have an important date or job interview coming up in the next few days, you can always choose a convenient schedule for your LED teeth whitening or any other teeth whitening process that your dentist may recommend. No major harm can be caused even if you put off teeth whitening by a month or perhaps even two. But, hurrying into the process without complete knowledge of the product and how it works for you, can be fraught with risk.

Importance of using proper equipment

Tooth brushes are generally offered with soft, medium or hard bristles. Each variant has a specific purpose, and you can consult a professional dentist to understand what is most suited for your teeth. Tooth brush with hard bristles is generally not recommended though there can be instances where a professional dentist may find that helpful to address your specific condition. Apart from the tooth brush, you should pay attention to the tooth paste and its composition. Battery operated or electric tooth brushes is another option and this may be recommended for people affected by arthritis or other conditions similar to that so that they can brush more effectively.

When do we need teeth whitening?

There are several reasons to choose teeth whitening to enhance your smile. Similar to the human skin or hair the colour of the teeth also varies from one individual to the other. Not many people can claim to have white tooth that is naturally brilliant. The colour of the tooth can also be impacted by certain foods and drinks, as also other lifestyle issues like smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea. Discoloration caused by one or more of these causes may not be evident very quickly but can become prominent over a period of time. Catching this discoloration young is the key to an effective treatment. Obviously, when stains accumulate over a period of time, it gets more time consuming and perhaps expensive to brick back the charming smile.


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