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About Mile High Aviation

Scenic Flights

Various Scenic Flights are on offer. Please check our home page for details.

Transfer Flight: Fraser Coast - Rainbow Beach
PKBQ01 | Transfer Flight from the Fraser Coast Mainland to Rainbow Beach.
$389.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Rainbow Beach - Fraser Coast
PRRBF2 | Transfer Flight from Rainbow Beach to Fraser Coast
$349.00 AUD

Hervey Bay Adventure Flights
P7W3MF | Fraser Coast Adventure Flights leaving from Hervey Bay
$79.00 AUD

Maryborough Adventure Flights
PVKFL5 | Fraser Coast Adventure Flights leaving from Maryborough
$79.00 AUD

Rainbow Beach Adventure Flights
PSX3Q8 | Fraser Coast Adventure Flights leaving from Rainbow Beach
$79.00 AUD

Sunshine Coast Adventure Flights
PJDUQZ | Fraser Coast Adventure Flights leaving from the Sunshine Coast
$279.00 AUD

Brisbane Adventure Flights
PQ40AL | Moreton Island Adventure Flights leaving from Brisbane Archerfield.
$483.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Sunshine Coast - Rainbow Beach
PNXM1A | Transfer Flight from the Sunshine Coast to Rainbow Beach.
$579.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Rainbow Beach - Sunshine Coast
PZVZVY | Transfer Flight from the Sunshine Coast to Rainbow Beach.
$499.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Brisbane International - Rainbow Beach
PEXNHM | Transfer Flight from Brisbane International Airport to Rainbow Beach.
$1,839.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Rainbow Beach - Brisbane International
PX1PZV | Transfer Flight from Rainbow Beach to Brisbane International
$1,599.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Gold Coast - Rainbow Beach
PL0TPM | Transfer Flight from Gold Coast Airport to Rainbow Beach.
$1,839.00 AUD

Day Trip: Fraser Coast to Rainbow Beach
P8HA1L | Relaxing Day Trip from the Fraser Coast to Rainbow Beach
$695.00 AUD

Transfer Flight: Rainbow Beach - Brisbane
PZ4CQ6 | Transfer Flight from Rainbow Beach to Brisbane Archerfield, Redcliffe or Caboolture.
$845.00 AUD

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Charter Flights

Whether for work or pleasure you know that organising travel is going to involve some level of headache – especially when it comes to coordinating schedules. Mile High Aviation can solve problems, from timing to logistics, coordination and above all, flexibility and convenience. Airlines don’t work to your schedule. How many times have you had to coordinate meetings at the mercy of airline schedules, taking into account ground travel time and other potential delays? Even if all goes according to plan it often means your team or clients have to stay overnight at destinations, spend hours waiting at airports, and interrupt whole days of valuable time just to make it onto flights.

    Fly in and out of 1,000s of locations (many of which are inaccessible to airlines)
    Fly any time day or night
    Multiple destinations in one day
    No waiting time or boarding delays
    No unnecessary cancellations

Even flying business or first class you are still at the mercy of an airline schedule and a busy plane full of people. One of the most beneficial aspects of plane charter is the completely relaxed environment and personalised service. It means that you, your team, group or clients have space and time during the flight. This can be used to prepare for meetings, to hold initial discussions or simply as chance for people to be well rested in time for a high pressure event. Whatever your requirements or questions, we invite you to contact us to discuss it. The earlier you contact us, the more we can assist and take pressure and stress away from you. By the same token, if things are happening last minute and you need to organise plane charter immediately, please call us. We can also assist you with ground transport and other arrangements at your destination.


Do you need cargo transported elsewhere? We can move it for you.

At Mile High Aviation we analyse route, payload and timescale in order to propose the most suitable aircraft and cost effective transport for your requirements. We offer charters, backloads and other commercial solutions for even the most unusual cargo. We can provide pre-flight advice on packaging requirements and supervise aircraft loading and unloading. We can also coordinate arrangements for specialist equipment including but not limited to mining equipment and other specialised cargo.

Aerial Photography

Photographers regularly utilise our high wing aircraft to capture aerial images of urban and rural areas. This service is tailored to meet individual requirements and budgets for sales, marketing and advertising campaigns, real estate agents, landowners, developers, construction companies and tourism bodies.
With excellent visibility, speeds as low as 70 knots, long range fuel capacity, and unrestricted access to our aircraft and pilots, Mile High Aviation is your first choice for aerial photography. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor made exclusive Quote.

Aerial Survey

Mile High Aviation survey services to a wide range of clients including public companies, individuals and government agencies.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our experienced staff are available 24 hours a day to make your requirements seamless and effective.
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Auzzi Traveller offers special pricing on Mile High Aviation flights. Contact us at one of our dedicated travel channels.


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