Inspired Luxury Appointed Representative for My Private Villas

  • Written by Annie Lyons

Following recent success at ILTM in Cannes in December 2015, Inspired Luxury has been appointed Australian & New Zealand Representative for My Private Villas, a collection of luxury properties available directly from their owners in some of the most exclusive destinations in the world.
My Private Villas is an eclectic mix of modern, leading edge, designer and historic houses with the portfolio offering a diverse range from private islands, beachfront pads, wine estates, a converted lighthouse, city apartments and family heritage properties.
Each property has its own customised services to ensure every visit is tailor made for an unforgettable experience.
Prime locations globally include Cote d'Azur, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Asia Pacific, Greek Islands, Caribbean, South America, through to the Swiss and French Alps. 
"People seeking luxury are now moving more towards the rental market as our villas provide a 5* service but you spend less than in a 5* hotel. The experience becomes personal as the villa becomes your home for your holiday" said the company founder and CEO, Paolo Macchiaroli.
An authority in the luxury villa sector, Paolo Macchiaroli was selected by The Academy of the World Boutique Hotel Awards to develop and launch their new 'Private Villa' category.  

Lynne Ireland CEO and Founder of Inspired Luxury said “Inspired Luxury is absolutely thrilled to work in partnership with My Private Villas, who provides a pivotal role in the increased move to private apartments and villas across the globe. My Private Villas is at the leading edge of this trend within the market, with increased travel for multi-generation and groups of friends a key factor.”
About My Private Villas
My Private Villas is a club of private owners who offer their properties for rent directly to discerning guests at rates that are lower than anywhere else. The company now has over 300 villas across 26 countries in some of the most exclusive destinations in the world. See the Destinations List at: http://www.myprivatevillas.com/luxury?gclid=CMCb-LCstcoCFQIAvAodW_IKJw

My Private Villas website is the proud winner of the prestigious Web Award 2015 category Hotels and Lodging Standard of Excellence.  http://www.myprivatevillas.com

My Private Villas will be exhibiting at IMM on 19 February in Sydney.

About Inspired Luxury

Inspired Luxury offers a dynamic sales, marketing and communications team specialising in travel and luxury lifestyle globally. We thrive in bringing the distinctive personality and authentic experiences of our clients to life through award-winning, innovative, bespoke solutions and a true understanding of the needs of both our partners and our clients alike.

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