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All Flowers and Fevers - 5 Tips For Avoiding the Most Common Ailments of Spring

  • Written by News Feature Team

There are many great things about Spring. The weather warming up, we want to feel social again, our moods improve, and we don’t have to wear as many layers if we want to venture outdoors! However, with the change of seasons (Spring especially!), there are a number of factors that can mean we will fall ill to a common seasonal ailment.


In order for you to stay healthy this spring, read on to find out the most common ailments of the season and how you can avoid them.


  1. Seasonal Allergies


Perhaps the most common ailment that affects people every Spring the world over is seasonal allergies. Spring is renowned for bringing on the dreaded hay fever. As trees start to grow, flowers start to bud, and everything just generally starts to turn green again, the pollen in the air increases massively.


Many allergen medicines work as a precautionary method, so you should being to take it about two weeks before you think you are going to see symptoms. For example, two weeks before Spring is meant to begin! However, if you are unaware about your hay fever medication, be sure to contact your nearest bulk billing doctor to give you some helpful advice.


  1. Asthma


As with hay fever, asthma can also flare up in spring.

Common triggers include pollen, air temperature changes, yard fertilizers, and insect repellants. As well as this, common Spring activities such as cleaning can increase the amount of dust and chemical particles that are floating around in the air - all which are asthma triggers. Make sure you’ve got an inhaler that is in-date, and also remember to use your peak flow meter to check your asthma control.


  1. Common Cold


As the seasons start to change, our immune systems can often start to falter.

Each time the seasons change, we all need to make sure that we are eating enough nutritious food, getting enough exercise and giving ourselves enough time to get proper rest so that our immune systems are given the best chance at fighting off infection.


  1. Lyme Disease


As warmer temperatures make us want to frolic in fields and parks, the percentage of people infected with Lyme Disease also rises. This is because deer ticks love warm weather and grass! In order to avoid becoming infected by a tick, avoid tall vegetation, use tick repellant and perform tick checks after you have been outdoors leading up to and during spring.


  1. Sports Injuries


While the weather heats up, we will no doubt want to get our Summer body journey well and truly on its way by engaging in some regular exercise. However, if we have spent winter cooped up inside, our muscles and bones won’t be used to all this extra activity! In order to avoid gaining a nasty sports injury, make sure you re-introduce exercise into your life at a slow and steady pace, and always make sure you stretch before and after exercising.


This spring, make sure that you stay healthy.

Ensure that you are prepared for any seasonal allergies that may hit, and if you do suffer from asthma, make sure that you have all of your medications prepared and ready to go. As well as this, keep your immune system as healthy as possible by eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep.


When you do exercise, make sure you are gentle with yourself and build up your strength in a reasonable and safe way. If you stick to all these tips, you should remain healthy during spring, as well as year-round!

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