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8 Weird Symptoms You Might Not Expect During Pregnancy

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Even brand new moms tend to have a general idea of what kind of symptoms they may face once they see that positive result for the first time. The nausea, the tiredness, and the stretch marks…those are all common knowledge for any woman who’s been around a pregnant friend for any time at all. However, there are some symptoms that can come out of nowhere and take you completely by surprise. Rest assured – they may be more normal than you would think, despite not being as commonly discussed as morning sickness.

Looking completely un-pregnant.
This situation catches many new pregnant moms by surprise, and can last far longer than the first few weeks when a non-existent bump is to be expected. For some women, their baby bumps simply don’t make a real appearance until far later in their pregnancy than others. This can be even more common if you’re overweight. Don’t stress about it, though – a visit to your obstetrician melbourne cbd will reassure you that your baby is still in there somewhere, they’re just lying in a way that makes their appearance less obvious to outsiders.

An inability to go near the kitchen when someone’s cooking.
In early pregnancy, you may find that smells you used to love now make you want to heave. If you suddenly find yourself unable to go anywhere near your kitchen when your husband is grilling burgers or doing something as innocuous as making a sandwich, you’re not alone. Super-sensitivity to smell is an odd but common symptom, particularly in the first trimester.

Finding yourself weeping at ridiculous things.
Remember that time you had PMS and you sobbed at an insurance advert on TV? Pregnancy can be like that, except all the time. For some women, emotional sensitivity can hang around throughout their entire pregnancy, making them incredibly susceptible to anything remotely sad, baby-related, or even things that aren’t actually all that upsetting. Don’t fight it; just keep a pack of tissues handy so you’re ready when the tear-attacks start.

Getting hit by unbelievably intense exhaustion.
While it’s considered a normal symptom to be fairly tired and generally run down during the first trimester, some women get a level of fatigue that’s far more extreme than just needing to have a little lie down after work. What’s worse; this symptom can extend past the first trimester. If you’re truly exhausted and just can’t function, make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to lie down, eat well, and stay hydrated.

Suddenly ‘going off’ things you used to love.
Some women find that before they even know that they’re pregnant they develop a sudden distaste for the cigarettes they used to smoke, that cocktail that was their favourite Friday night tipple, or even particular foods they would eat regularly. This bizarre symptom can sometimes come in handy – particularly when it destroys your love for things that would actually harm your baby.

Bizarre itchiness that keeps you up at night.
The increased blood supply to the skin can cause some pregnant women to become uncomfortably itchy all over, but especially around their bump, as their baby grows. This isn’t generally a dangerous problem, just unpleasant, but definitely talk to your doctor if the itching is very severe.

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