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How a rhinoplasty is done in Turkey

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A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that a doctor completes on a person’s nose. It involves surgery that is often, but not always, done under general anesthesia and it results in a change to the shape of the nose.

The nose is made of bone, cartilage, skin and various other tissues, including ciliated membrane which lines the inside chambers of the nasal cavity.

The bone is found in the top part of the nose, and is responsible for the region of the nose that cannot move and is fixed to the skull. The cartilage is in the lower region of the nose and is much more flexible and moveable to some extent.

A surgeon can alter one or all of the nasal tissues to create a different shape and appearance to the nose. They can also modify the internal dividing tissue the septum, which separates the two sides of the nose inside.

Often this type of surgery is done to correct a deviated septum, which is when this tissue is crooked, compromising the functioning of the nose and making breathing more difficult than if the septum was straight.

The rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery done to improve appearances, but it can help people to breathe more easily in some cases.


With any surgical procedure there are risks and potential complications that can arise, which is something the doctors should inform their patients of.

There are risks of bleeding and infection, and the tissues are likely to be, at least temporarily, swollen immediately after surgery.

Complications can include having a hole in the septum (septal perforation), numbness to the nose, misshapen nose and worse breathing.

Depending on how complex a procedure is being done, you may need to be put under general anesthesia.

This then has its own risks, but most people do fine provided the doctor is aware of a person’s medical history, what medication they are on, and so long as you do not eat or drink some hours before being put under anesthesia.

As long as you listen to your doctor there is no reason why you should have major complications or be at any big risk, from having a rhinoplasty done. It is usually a safe operation and often it only requires some minor adjustments to be made to the tissues of the nose.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

There are many clinics in Turkey that provide rhinoplasty as an option. Generally, the procedure is very affordable and the quality of care is high. Particularly if you do your research into what places and specialists are available that offers this procedure.

Clinics in Istanbul such as the Vera Clinic have the experience and specialists who can provide you with a good result when it comes to the rhinoplasty procedure.

The costs of rhinoplasty in Turkey are considerably less than in some countries, such as the countries in the United Kingdom, for instance where prices are often double what they are in Turkey.

There is no reason why a person cannot receive an excellent result from having a rhinoplasty surgery done in Turkey.

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