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How to Rid Your Mattress of Mold

Mold can be a nuisance for most people. The CDC reports that mold is prominent in our world, whether it be the air we breathe or the surfaces that surround us. The key component is that mold will breed rapidly where moisture is found.


Some people are impervious to the effects of mold, which include a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, eye problems, and irritation of the skin. Others are not, so imagine the horror, if you are susceptible to mold reactions, and your mattress is full of it. Sleeping would not only be interrupted, you could be causing some severe health problems to you and your family.


Before we can instruct you on how to rid your mattress of mold, first we need to help you identify the culprit. Mold can grow on your mattress if you leave a wet towel on there after your shower or when you fall asleep with a wet head. Typically dark, mold can be seen, but beware, once identified, move quickly, otherwise it will reproduce at an alarming rate.


Get a new mattress

Of course, this course of action may seem like the most expensive, but it is the one and only sure way to know that the mold you found will be gone for good. Latex mattresses are known to be more durable than other options so you should include them in your consideration.


Still, if purchasing is not an option for you, there are other ways to rid your mattress of that pesky mold.



We aren’t talking about the vodka kind, or the type made with hops. For killing off mold spores, rubbing alcohol is your new friend. Douse the area with this inexpensive liquid and let it do the work for you.



Just like rubbing alcohol, bleach is another alternative but it comes at a price. If you don’t make sure to get a color safe bleach you could leave spots all over your mattress. Of course, if you had to choose between mold and spots, we bet most folks would opt for the discoloration.


There are different schools of thought on this method, with some believing mold doesn’t help at all saying it loses its effects over time.


White vinegar

As a “natural acid”, white vinegar is a safe choice if toxins are in issue for you. Not only that, it is very inexpensive to purchase in large quantities. Professionals suggest to put the vinegar in a spray bottle or to use a rag to blot it on the infected areas of your mattress. You can also use a scrub brush to scour the mold from the outlying areas.


The longer you let it sit the better off you are so if the smell doesn’t bother you don’t bother rinsing the vinegar. If the stench is too much, rinse with water but make sure to leave on for at least thirty minutes.



This option can work well, particularly because of the “aerosol action”, which enables the product to be projected deep into your mattress. Make sure not to be loose on saturation. Your mattress should be drenched in Lysol to ensure all spores are covered and killed.


Take it outside

Some suggest that dragging your mattress into your yard can help tremendously. It should have access to full sun and be placed on a clean tarp, which you could pick up at most hardware stores. Once the mattress is outside, it is suggested to vacuum the mold directly off the mattress and to make sure, once you are finished, to remove and throw out the vacuum bag to the mold spores don’t spread to other areas of your home.


Once you are done use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water and saturate your mattress. Rinse with warm water then let the mattress dry in the sun. If you would like the mattress to dry faster then you can use a hairdryer or household fan.


Prevent it from the onset

As the proverbial saying says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, it seems the original speakers of this truth might have been referring directly to mold and mattresses. Mold moves fast so stop it from growing in the first place if you can avoid it.


If you just keep in mind that moisture breeds mold then the rest should be simple. No wet articles like clothes, towels, and bathing suits. Don’t fall asleep with wet hair and make sure your windows are shut if your climate is excessively humid.

Since we handled the mattress mold problem, let’s take a look at restoring other household items.

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