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Fascinating Scenic Beauty and the Delightful Penguin Parade

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The Phillip island is construed as the wildlife haven located down the coast from the city of Melbourne, it is considered as the idyllic retreat for the people who look for a day away from the daily routine of the city. To enjoy to the maximum possible the scenic beauty as well as the peek at the penguins, there are some options mentioned hereunder in connection with the day trip from Melbourne:


Phillip Island Wildlife Tours from the city of Melbourne

You should keep in mind the fascinating actuality that the Phillip island is reputed for its wildlife, and its animal inhabitants are certain to be the central point of your visit. In case you opt for a Phillip Island day trip from Melbourne, you could pay a visit to the attractive elements such as the Maru Koala and the wildlife park, the moonlit sanctuary conservation park, the Churchill island heritage farm and seal rocks, which are construed as the home to the largest fur seal of the vast land of Australia.


The Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tours from Melbourne

Consider the situation wherein you possess time for just a single attraction at the Phillip attraction then it is strongly suggested that you go for the penguin parade which would be an opportunity for you to witness the population of the island with little penguins since they are seen at the shore by the sunset. You may select for the evening penguin parade through Phillip Island day excursion from Melbourne with or without the access to the viewing platform, where you would be able to watch the best possible views or opt for a remarkable value super saver deal so as to integrate the experience with a Melbourne city sightseeing tour.

The travel from the city of Melbourne to the Phillip island to witness hundreds of the little penguins emerge from the surf to return to their burrows for the night.

You better be prepared to observe the penguins Koalas and the kangaroos on a single day trip to the Phillip island, the wildlife wonderland Melbourne and the holiday island.


The Phillip Island Penguin, Brighton beach, Moonlit Sanctuary from Melbourne.

You could opt for travelling along with a small group on a day from Melbourne to see the Victoria’s wildlife and the natural gems. Your full day tour halts at the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife conservation park to have a meeting with the Australian natives inclusive of Koalas, the wallabies.


Melbourne Super Saver

You could relish the experience of the couple of the top two selling Melbourne tours and save 20% utilizing this super saver pass! You would be able to explore the history of the city and the highlights through the 3-hour sightseeing tour by coach.

2-day Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory Tour from Melbourne

On your two-day small group tour from Melbourne you could find yourself discovering the natural beauty of the Phillip island and Wilson's Promontory national park.

Phillip Island Nature Park and Wildlife Seals Cruise

The Phillip Island nature park is close to the city of Melbourne yet it is swarming with the wildlife. Cruise around the sea rocks for an up close perspective of the widest fur seal colony within Australia. It is greatly looked forward that if you are planning travelling to the Phillip island from Melbourne, then the information contained herein could provide you with the fundamental confidence required prior to embarking upon your program of action.

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