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Can You Get Termites In A Brick House?

Termites are generally known as wood-destroying insects. This specific property exhibited by termites made many homeowners believe that their brick home is immune to termite infestation. This belief is further strengthened by the fact that brick and concrete homes are quite harder for termites to enter or penetrate. However, contrary to this popular belief, termites can actually get into a brick house. Specifically, subterranean termites that come from underground can enter weep holes and cracks where the move towards the walls and wood frame. In other words, the termites will find their way into the house from the ground, slip underneath the fibre cement and bricks. Therefore, even though brick is a great material that is good for our climate and can stand up to harsh weather, it has nothing to do with how subterranean termites find their way into the house.

This piece will explore various ways through which termites can make their way into concrete or brick houses.

Brick Veneer

Many homes in this modern age appear to be built with brick,but in reality, they are built with brick veneer. Such houses are constructed with a wood frame while the brick is only applied to the surface. The moment mulch or moist soils makes contact with the brick veneer; termites will move behind the veneer and get access to the wood that’s underneath. Termites will are serious-minded insects that will not leave a visible entry point behind and will surely create severe damage before they are discovered at all

Concrete Slabs

It will be a surprise to you that concrete slabs are even more prone to termite invasion than the homes built with basements. As you know, the space beneath the slab is wet and dark thereby providing an enabling environment where termite can thrive and flourish. Specifically, termites can enter the house through the expansion joints in the concrete, spaces for utilities and electrical installation, and holes for plumbing. Be that as it may, one good thing is that it is avoidable. All you need to do is to ensure that water is kept away from the foundation while also making sure that all entry points are sealed. In addition, if you have a baiting system, that will also reduce the risk of termite infestation. 

The Power of Drywood Termites

One thing is certain, even though you have built your house with brick, there will still an element of wood in it. This is exactly the target of drywood termites. They will enter your house through any wooden object be it a picture frame or furniture. The termites always build their nests inside the wood. Aside from this, they can also live within the walls or even on the table leg. To prevent drywood termite from entering your home, you need to be careful of the type of wood you bring to the house. Based on this, it is advised that you scrutinise every wooden material well before bringing them into your house.

Termites Are Avoidable

This piece has clearly shown that the general belief held by many people that termites cannot enter a brick house is wrong. It is always best to seek help if you think you may be at risk of an infection. Sydney pest control services are available to assist in these situations.


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