How to Stay Young on a Budget

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Regardless of the fact that the cells of our body are constantly updating, signs of aging can be seen more with every year. What makes our skin, as well as other organs age? No existing theory provides us with a clear explanation of this phenomenon.

Beauty-routines around the globe

Women and men all over the world spend a fortune on fashionable skincare products, hoping to prevent their health condition from getting worse with age and stay forever young.

Europeans, of course, are still far from the Japanese and Koreans who have invented their famous seven-step daily facial skin care routine. It starts with makeup removing, followed by moisturizing the skin with hydrophilic oil and applying the cleansing gel. Then go a toner, a moisturizing lotion, a serum, and an eye cream – those are just the basic steps that no Asian can start their morning or end their day without.

By the way, recently, another beauty trend has been actively gaining popularity in Korea. It is about using at least 5 different skin tones at the same time (moisturizing toner, nourishing one, matting, radiant, and the final cleansing toner). They can be applied in any order. And as the end result, you get perfectly soft and smooth skin which looks as if it was polished; in addition, serums and creams soak in easier, and makeup is applied perfectly.

For a European woman, skin care has fewer steps. It usually consists of makeup removing (micellar water is used for this as a rule, but cleansing gels are also in great demand), washing with a cleansing gel, a nourishing night cream, moisturizing in the morning, and good-quality eye cream.

The main measures you can take to prevent premature aging of the skin

Of course, we all want to stay beautiful and energetic, attract the opposite sex, meet singles, and start a relationship. But let's be real: Who needs all these steps if the aging of the skin is an inevitable process that cannot be turned backward? Instead of making you spend hundreds on luxurious skin care, we are going to talk about the easy steps you can introduce into your everyday habits to prevent you from aging early and stay healthy on a budget.

Daily workouts stimulate better metabolism and enhance the blood circulation. Proper flow of blood contributes to the normal work of both internal and external organs. What is more, in old age, calcium intake decreases in the bones, and its deposition in connective tissues happens. Therefore, old people have fragile bones and joint problems. This prevents people from breathing fully. Exercises help relax the chest and increase the lungs volume. Yoga classes are perfect for those who want to speed up their metabolism and boost all the other processes. Gymnastics provides massage for the internal organs and teaches our body to adapt to different breathing techniques, saturating blood with oxygen.

To stay young, you should eat foods high in calories as well as vitamins and minerals-rich. Such food allows you to eat less because the small amount of food contains everything our body needs. This help people lose weight and tighten up the skin, as well as relieve the pressure put on the internal organs. The digestive and excretory systems become less stressed and recover faster as well.

Reduce sugar intake. And abandoning it as much as possible will definitely make you feel better; you can replace it with honey, syrups, and fruits. Because it affects our skin in the first place and causes serious addiction.

Say no to smoking. It affects the skin especially bad. The skin becomes pale, dull, and wrinkled. Many smokers have skin aging twice as fast as other people.

Reduce alcohol intake. From the age of 40, our liver starts to age actively, so the stress put on this organ should be minimal.

To prevent premature aging of the skin, eat foods high in vitamins A and E into your diet. Besides, you can make masks or use beauty products that contain these vitamins or apply the capsules of vitamins A and E directly onto the skin.

A gastric enzyme, pepsin, takes an active part in the removal of outdated cells away from the organs. It is transmitted by body liquids to various organs and digests the cells, getting rid of those ones that have died or have been damaged by radionuclides, diseases, heavy metals, neoplasms, nitrates, and carcinogens. Gastric juices also destroy cancer cells. That is why it is vital to apply pepsinous remedies. Salt is among them because it helps the development of hydrochloric acid. Plantain leaves, pepper, dill, fennel, horseradish, cumin, hare cabbage, coriander, radish, cinnamon, fish, as well as mintcalgan stimulate the gastric juices.

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