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3 Things Every Woman Must Do When Visiting Australia

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Australia is one of the few destinations truly able to swallow you whole and spit out a completely changed person. From observing kangaroos and koalas with all their magnificence to swimming in its natural waters and soaking up the summer sun, Australia has a lot to offer to travelers of all kinds, and especially women.

Here are the top 3 things every woman should do when going down under.

Horseback Riding in the Outback

The Outback brings to mind some of Australia's most renowned visuals in all the world. Any part of Australia remote from the continent's more populated perimeters is referred to as the "Outback," or "the bush." In other words, it is "out-back" on the beaches from Australia's larger cities.

The Outback is home to Australia’s Uluru, in the Northern Territory, also known as Ayers Rock. Uluru, a UNESCO-protected site, might be the world’s largest unchanging landscape in history. On top of that, the native Aborigines have lived in Australia for 45 to 50,000 years, enduring some of the worst dry conditions Australia went through. They were able to survive in hunter-gatherer societies that created a rich culture of spirituality, literature, dance, and other complex social practices.

All In

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Melbourne’s Art and Culture

Melbourne's culture is thriving and immersive. It's a city that inspires; a central hub of creativity and art manifested via its crafts, design, fashion, and events. Melbourne boasts a strong artistic culture that is ready to be explored, with everything from theatrical plays and live music to comedy clubs and fashion shows.

Melbourne will bring you joy with its various personalities: intelligent, playful, eccentric, quirky, passionate, and multicultural. It's genuine, it's embraced by its people, and it's earned a place in the international arts, culture, and music sectors.

When all is said and done, you'll find that whatever desire your trip to Australia wants to fulfill, it won't disappoint. So put your explorer's hat on, and start your journey down under.

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