Business Marketing

List A Brand on the Auzzi Shopping Showcase has a range of options to assist business people to promote their products, services, travel or events.

We can add your products as affiliates to our site in an appropriate section.

We can run a deal for you with a maximum 10% commission.

We can run feature articles on any of our magazine, news or information sites.

We can buy stock from you and sell it as our own products.

We can feature your travel offers on our sites

We are always conscious of the need to protect the value of the premium brands that we work with.

What are listings on Auzzi Shopping?

Brand listings provide readers on our interlinked group of news, magazine and ecommerce sites with an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with service, travel and product suppliers,

Auzzi Shopping is not a competitor; rather, it is an information and opinion resource where Australians can showcase their talents. 

How can a brand benefit from choosing to list on the Auzzi Shopping Showcase?

A brand listings in one of our 24 popular research driven categories, is a productive and measurable opportunity for exhibiting a product in front of vast numbers of Australians. We are your gateway to consumers of a wide range of products and services each day, month or year.

By choosing Auzzi Shopping, to reach people as they conduct their online pre purchase research at home, on the go, at work or in a store, new customers will appear.

Auzzi Shopping broadcasts information that enables people to exercise choice, investigate new options and move on the new opportunities as they reject products that they no longer like .

Promotional listings on the Auzzi Shopping Showcase offer:

  • Consumer focused original product features prepared by journalists
  • Unlimited product, service or travel listings
  • Editorial support for keyword and content creation
  • Lists of official retailers, contact details, website links and promotion of social media links
  • Quality reviews prepared by genuine consumers and our editorial staff.
  • Purchase directions.
  • Product or service images, video and content marketing editorial

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