What Safety Is Used On A Commercial Re Roofing Job?

You may find yourself concerned about the safety that is involved during the process of a commercial re roofing job. Working in the construction industry can come with risks, especially in the roofing sector. It is always good to be concerned about the safety of yourself and others.

Since workers are going to be up high, managing heavy items and sometimes multitasking, safety during a commercial re roofing project is not something to take lightly. 

Although it may vary on location for what is specifically taken into consideration, in general, you can expect to see these measures put in place.

Personal Protective Equipment

Basically, every single type of construction and labouring job ever will require employees to wear PPE. With roofing, you’ll usually see people wear safety glasses because a lot of the time they will need to be using power tools. Sharp debris and particles are very likely to flick out when using power tools, so eye protection is always a must.

Another essential piece of personal protective equipment is hearing protection - earmuffs. Because of the power tools the roofers use, they are expected to always wear a form of hearing protection. There can also be large machinery like cranes that cause a lot of sounds too.

Hard hats are worn throughout job sites to protect people from things falling on their heads. Re roofing jobs are probably the most important situation where you would need to wear a hard hat, especially if you are around the ground level. 

Signage and Warnings

On all job sites, you will find that fencing is used to close off areas and warn the public that a place is under construction. On the ground level, large steel gates and cages surround a site, stopping unauthorised people from entering. 

On top of the roof though, lots of perimeter fencing flags are placed around the sides in order to warn workers where the edge is to prevent them from falling off. Falling from heights is one of the deadliest parts of a roofing job, but luckily it is hard to come by with all the signs and warnings that surround workers from head to toe.

Access Ladders

Regular ladders have been the cause of a lot of worksite related injuries and deaths, as they can quite easily lose stability that will lead to the entire ladder tumbling down with the person on it. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to not see an access ladder. 

It is an OHS requirement that ladders on commercial re roofing job sites are completely safe, free from slipping and pose no threat to the workers whether it be on the ground or up high.


Quite literally, incorrect safety measures and precautions on job sites can be life or death. Luckily, it has become such a massive legal obligation to follow the correct safety measures otherwise companies can risk colossal financial losses and legal trouble.

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