Why do companies resist change?

For a company to keep up with the changes of the world today is admirable, it makes perfect sense. To change means to grow, and to grow means to be successful. So, it is quite a given that all companies would want to change and grow along with the world, right? Well, tell that to blockbuster, famous for renting VHS taped movies and video games and also famous for refusing to give in to the popularity of streaming videos online. Because of the boom in online movie streaming, they went bankrupt and needed to close basically all of their stores. Now they are trying to catch up with the world by starting their own streaming service, but it may be too late. So why are companies still resistant to change after the downfall of other businesses that were the same? Keep reading to find out some more answers.

Strong company culture

Every company has its very own kind of culture cultivated from the very beginning of its origins. It is unique to every company and depending on that culture, the companies can be more resistant to change or less. If the culture of the company is incredibly strong, any kind of change will be met with opposition. No one wants to change such a good thing they have going and disrupt what they have.

Company structure becomes inflexible

The inflexibility of the company’s structure is one of the reasons changes are necessary. If the structure of a company becomes too stiff and unyielding, employees will feel too restricted and uncomfortable. However, it’s the structure everyone is comfortable with. It has been this way since the beginning, these employees have to report to those managers who have to speak to these higher-ups. This department only works with that department, etc. The more inflexible the structure is the harder it is to accept change smoothly.

Change can be costly

Sometimes, companies are resistant to change not because they don’t want to, but simply because they cannot afford it. If a company has put money into reaching an objective, it will be a lot harder to forget about the previous objective and invest in the goal of changing the organization. Not wanting to lose a lot of money for the benefit of changing is a big reason why many companies resist change. 

Look for help

What these sorts of companies should know is that change doesn’t have to be scary or difficult or impossible. Getting help from the right resources can greatly benefit them on the quest for change. On Bizzdesign.com there are resources provided for companies going through all sorts of complicated changes, to help them adapt smoothly and come out the other side successful and with a clear vision of their future.

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