Clothing Boutique Size Chart – Things to Know to Make Yours a Flawless Experience

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For the past few years, the trend for most shoppers has shifted to online shopping. Whether you are looking for furniture, buying clothes, or doing your grocery shopping, back when stores had to close down, the only solution was to do this online through many boutiques and stores that offered online delivery services.

Did you know that the world has over 1.9 billion online shoppers on average as of 2019? According to the review24 website, that’s not the only astounding thing but also, over 60% of these are targeted around online shopping for mostly fashion products.

This should be no surprise if you knew that the market size for online retail stores and vendors has increased to almost 4 trillion in 2022. In others words, there is plenty to choose from, and plenty of shoppers to tap into these opportunities.

Ecommerce businesses have taken advantage of this by adding various attractive sales online such as black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday trends. there is no doubt that in comparison to what’s on store shelves, online stores can showcase more of a variety of items as there is no restriction on space. This gives shoppers more options to choose from, and more reasons to buy things.

There are various benefits to shopping online, which we touch on below, as well as, in particular how to perfect your art of shopping for clothes especially when it comes to finding the right size clothing.

Advantages of Online Shopping for Clothes

It Is Convenient: this may sound obvious but it is worth mentioning. The convenience of sitting at home comfortably flipping through multiple websites that sell all sorts of items of clothing, is far more convenient than having to get in your car and drive down to the shops perhaps sit in traffic, try the clothes on in already filled changing rooms, wait in queues, and all that hassle.

The best part is, once the clothes get delivered to your doorstep, you can try them on in the comfort of your own home, and if you don’t like them, you can return them.

Saves You Time and Money: online shopping is much quicker, it saves you time. What would typically take you about an hour to look for the perfect dress or bikini for your beach holiday, will take you a fraction of the time when done online.

Another benefit is, that you may be lucky to find discounted items online that you would normally not find within the brick and mortar stores. Many shops tend to offer largely discounted prices on various clothing for their online shoppers as an exclusive deal that you can take advantage of.

It Is Open 24/7: Another great advantage of online shopping for boutique clothes is that it does not have an opening or closing times and is there for your benefit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and throughout the year. So, time is not a factor.

Tracking: When you buy goods from an online store there is almost always the added benefit of tracking your order from the time you purchased it, to the time it is delivered to your door. Both tracking and shipping have now become a part of the majority of stores, and are available to everyone, helping you to plan your day around it, and making alternative arrangements in the event you are not there to receive the parcel.

Sending Gifts: With online options is it also extremely convenient to send your friends and family gifts directly to them, as opposed to going to the store and buying something and having to buy wrapping paper separately and then the added costs of delivering it to them.

No matter where your friends and family are, you can easily buy something and get it delivered to them within days. Some stores also offer the option to wrap the gifts for you. Anything from birthdays to anniversaries, baby showers and more can be possible when the internet is involved.

Finding the Right Size for You – Using a Clothing Boutique Size Chart

As exciting as it is to do your shopping in this manner, and as addictive as it can become (in a good way) few know exactly how to do it so they don’t need to return clothes to the store or exchange them for a different size. This will only happen after a few tries, however, there is a better way too – consulting a size chart. Here is an elaborate version: and below we have summed it up for you.

Size charts are available on all clothes stores online to help you find out exactly what your size is and some platforms record this information on your profile so the next time around, all you need to do is choose the attire based on existing and successful measurements.

A size chart can sometimes be confusing if not explained on the website properly. The guide below will simplify things for you.

First and foremost, you need to do some work yourself beforehand. This involves measuring yourself using a measuring tape. The main areas on your body to measure yourself will include the hips, waist, and bust. You could also refer to something in your closet like a bra or swimsuit to guide you.

If you see it set up as a table on the site, then it would typically be laid out in a grid where sizes are depicted in inches and centimeters in a row or column. The simplest way to find your size is to look at the corresponding ones that match your measurements.

For instance, the column to the left of a clothing boutique size chart will always denote the country size i.e. the US, UK, or EU. and underneath you will find the various areas such as bust, waist, and hip in both inches and centimeters. Along the rows, you will see the different sizes. So, if you have ever bought an item that is, for example, a size 8 US, your bust would be approximately 38 inches, the waist will be 27 and your hips would be 37.

Sizes will usually range between petite, juniors, short, tall, women’s, men’s, and sizes. You could also get a more elaborate version for big and tall men or husky people. In addition, you could also choose between a slim fit, relaxed fit, and a ‘rise’ for example a low-rise trouser.

This should give you a good, basic indication of how to perfect your shopping experience online.

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