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Auzzi Shopping is ideal for reaching men and women online. It is a place for viewers to chill out, or take some time for looking at new products and services.

Launched in 2015, Auzzi is fresh with a unique format and is a trusted source of information for men, women and children on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, health, love and entertainment. In 2016, Auzzi is growing and developing new sections and is now interactive with social media, blogs, reviews and article commentary.

Auzzi is one of Australia’s independent free online magazines for everyone with an emphasis on the things that interest women and their families. We are in touch with internet-savvy Australians who are shopping focused and brand conscious.


    59 per cent female
    49 per cent are 25-39; 33 per cent are 18-24 years
    Average annual income above $45k
    Largely tertiary qualified
    Above average expenditure on clothes, beauty, fashion, technology, entertainment, travel

Member stats:

    1000's of social media and newsletter subscribers

Opportunities for advertisers:

    Content sponsorship
    Dedicated emails sends
    Newsletter promo spots
    Rich media capable

Editorial Placement

    Newsletter sponsorship plus banner
    Member newsletter promotion and content
    Dedicated email send to membership database
    Focus group via online survey
    Total site integration – dedicated send to members database, competition, newsletter promotion, content integration
    Customised content integration and channel sponsorship

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