How do I care for my curly hair?

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Curly hair has been a beauty attribute and a symbol of femininity for centuries. People with straight hair use various tricks to create romantic and glamorous waves and curls on their heads. Most owners of naturally curly hair complain that having a storm of curls is a lot of work. Unfortunately, this is true. The ability to curl gives your hair a lighter and thinner texture, making it more fragile and more susceptible to damage and dryness. In order to keep our curls beautiful and impressive, you need to take proper care of them day after day. Check hair extensions brush.

How Do I Wash My Curly Hair?

Curly hair needs to be washed in a special way because of its delicate structure, which is prone to dryness. One of the most effective ways to keep curly hair moisturised and protected during shampooing is called OMO (Conditioner, Wash, Condition). When conditioner is massaged into the hair before shampooing, it softens the strands and makes them less vulnerable to damage during shampooing. After rinsing out the conditioner, you can wash your hair and apply lotion as you normally do. Shampoo for curly hair should be chosen very carefully. It is best if it does not contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), which has tremendous drying properties. It is better to choose cosmetics, which consist almost entirely of natural ingredients and contain aloe vera and D-panthenol, which have strong moisturizing properties.

Nourished Curls Are Beautiful Curls

Nutrition plays an important role in curly hair care. Many people make the mistake of applying large amounts of leave-in conditioner and products for split ends to their hair. At first glance, this looks quite satisfactory. But overloaded hair quickly loses its bounce and starts to sag. If you use leave-in conditioners you should opt for lightweight sprays and use them sparingly. A much better idea to combat dry curls is to use oil. Applying hair oil once a week before shampooing is much more effective in moisturizing and smoothing your hair strands than tons of conditioners. The oil can be supplemented with various additives as needed like vitamin E or A, lemon juice or hyaluronic acid, which will further enhance its repairing effect. One express way to improve the appearance of hair is to apply coconut oil mixed with a drop of hyaluronic acid and keratin 30 minutes before washing. After this treatment, forget about using cosmetics for split ends. Conditioners, masks and other products should always be applied to the ends of the hair and not to the roots.

How do I Comb My Waves and Curls?

If you have curly hair, combing your hair is not an ordinary process either. Brushing your hair at the wrong time risks leaving you with shapeless sheds instead of beautiful curls. Not brushing your hair after shampooing will keep the shape of your thick locks. However, uncombed hair that has broken off during shampooing will remain in the strands and fall onto your clothes looking unsightly. Curly hair should be combed wet but not after towel-drying. The best time to brush the hair is during the shampooing, when the hair is conditioned, then the hair is soft, smooth and easy to comb.

People with curly hair should use a wide-tooth comb, which does not damage the delicate structure of the hair and additionally separates the hair into thick enough strands, which will curl naturally.
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