Business Marketing

Why advertise on Auzzi?

No upfront cost!

When using Auzzi to market your products and services there is no cost. With advertising on radio or TV there is a cost regardless of results. When advertising on Auzzi, there is no up-front fee and we are only paid for the sales that we actually create. After your offer runs all the proceeds less Auzzi's 20% commission are sent directly to your bank or PayPal account.

You are in charge.  We only sell as much as you direct. All travel service providers specify the terms and conditions of their marketing campaign to ensure that they reach new customers who will help to grow the business.

Auzzi reaches new customers

Auzzi offers are seen on our website and many others in our network. We reach vast numbers of people through our websites who read around 30,000 pages each day. We also have direct email members, Facebook fans and hundreds of Tweeters! The Auzzi website and its sisters get over a million reads each month and as your campaign appears on every one of our pages, we will get results.

With Auzzi and social media, offers can go viral

Your business brand will be exposed to thousands of potential customers who, if the offer is attractive, will tell their friends. Businesses work with us to create buzz with our Auzzi site network viewers who are astute and used to buying online.

Our viewers respond favourably to great offers and it is not uncommon for buyers to tell their friends and family.

Running an offer or normal sale campaign on Auzzi is without cost other than commissions.

You don't pay anything up front. We are only paid with a 20% commission on actual sales.

The advertising creation process is all handled internally by the Auzzi team.

If you would like to know about working with Auzzi, please e-mail us at or call 0498 136 869