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Bright Bots babies and children’s clothing was proudly established in Australia in 1997.  From humble beginnings making brightly coloured cloth nappies, our brand has expanded to include beautiful clothing, bibs, baby linen, towelling, gifts, toilet training pants, shoes, swimwear and more! We offer seasonal baby and children clothing designs with releases for winter and summer. Our durable, quality clothing in fun, cool designs are loved by customers worldwide.  We also offer our Essentials Range all year round, which consists of singlets, bloomers, bibs, training pants, pilchers, nappies and socks continue to be loved by new generations of bubs and their parents.

Bright Bots is an iconic Australian brand, established over 15 years ago.  We have built our reputation on quality and practical clothes in beautiful fabrics and fun designs. Our label captures the hearts and imaginations of little boys, girls and bubs worldwide. Perfect for party wear or just playing in the back yard, our clothes offer the latest colours, prints and styles for fashionable littlies.  Well priced within the market as well as numeorus baby clothes sale events, our clothes appeal to savvy shoppers and price conscious parents

Our brand has expanded to include a wide range of products from babies clothing to bibs, baby linen, towelling, gifts, toilet training pants, swimwear and much more with our product list expanding all the time..

We offer seasonal baby clothing designs with releases for winter and summer with a small 2nd summer range also offered to top up people with babies in the warmer states. We also stock our baby "essentials" range all year round which consists of the can't live without items like singlets, bloomers, bibs, training pants, pilchers, nappies, socks and more! Bright Bots baby clothing and accessories has now been available in the Australian market since the late 1990's and the range continues to delight parents everywhere. Our reputation for durable, good quality clothing in fun designs is now well established through our devoted customers all around the world! Our clothing and accessories can be found in various boutiques across Australia and New Zealand, and can also be purchased online - right here in our store!

Since the birth of our popular Bright Bots range, we have had some brothers and sisters! Our Max and Tilly, Olliboo, Ellie B and Bodean ranges were created to offer an even wider range of clothing and accessories to our customers - so there's something to suit everyone!

Max and Tilly is a delightful newborn baby's range which offers a more traditional look for your baby. The clothing in this range uses softer palette colours in pinks, blues and whites teamed with beautiful fabrics. Perfect for that new addition, this range is loved by parents and babies with its signature designs and classic styles. We offer pretty dresses with delicate matching shoes, smart overall sets and accessories as well as practical pieces including coveralls, beanies, bibs and blankets. See to see this range or click the tab up top!

Olliboo is a range of babies clothing made mainly from organically grown cotton. Unlike conventionally grown cotton, sustainable farming practices have been used to produce our cotton without the use of chemical pesticides, defoliants or fertilisers. Our fabrics are soft, durable and safer for bub to wear as it is less likely to trigger allergies or skin irritations. Our range consists of baby basics that are user friendly, practical and look adorable! Olliboo items are a great gift idea or perfect for parents who are concerned about baby's gentle skin and the environment. See to see this range or click the tab up top!

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