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Top PH FinTech GCash banners financial inclusion story at Mobile World Congress

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 9 March 2023 - GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon bannered the top Philippine e-wallet's financial inclusion story at a keynote speech for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Before a global audience of industry leaders, Sazon highlighted that, "GCash is now a National Champion that helps transform a nation, and gives hope to many Filipinos. Powered by game-changing innovation, and driven by a burning platform."

The leading e-wallet and financial services app in the Philippines has been aggressively launching innovations aimed at making its vision of Finance for All a reality.

"GCash is an everyday super app: for payments and transfers; fair lending for all; affordable investments; accessible insurance; empowering a green and digital lifestyle– all of these are anchored on customer's needs, with them as our north star for all our innovations," said Sazon.

She shared how the e-wallet has become ubiquitous in the Philippines with over 76 million registered users, evolving into a verb for many, "'i-GCash mo na yan!' translating to 'Just pay with GCash!'". GCash is the first and only duacorn in the Philippines and, "one of the very few financially sustainable fintechs in the world."

Likewise, the platform's net promoter score (NPS), a gauge measuring customer experience and predicts business growth has been best in class at 83.9%, surpassing globally loved brands.

Sazon culminated the session following separate presentations from Tjodolf Sommestad, president of Candy Crush mobile game developer King and Lauren Kunze, CEO of conversational AI developer Iconiq.

GCash, along with its parent the Globe Group, represented the Philippines at the MWC in Barcelona, as they showcased how the tech conglomerate has been leading progress and innovation in the Southeast Asian nation.

Hosted by GSM Association, a global organization unifying the mobile ecosystem, the MWC is the world's largest and most influential exhibition for the connectivity industry.

According to GSMA, this year's theme, Velocity, highlighted five key discussions on 5G acceleration, Reality+, OpenNet, FinTech, and Digital Everything.

This is the second in-person MWC since the event was canceled during the pandemic. The annual gathering reached a record 109,000 attendees in 2019 while this year saw total attendees of 88,500.

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