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Muscle Nation Is A Community As Much As A Business

Businesses are born out of communities, and communities are born out of businesses. For many across western society, businesses form an integral part of their social circles. On the flip side, communities can enhance businesses and their practices, providing a living reference point for their day-to-day operation. Some may argue that too much community influence on a business could affect efficiency, but quite the opposite is true for one innovative company.

@MuscleNation is Australia’s leader in activewear, supplements, and health food, and its community is at the epicenter of its rapidly growing popularity. Founded by best friends Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi in 2016, Muscle Nation has never lost the kinship and aspiration of its humble origin. Today, the company’s community has a unique interplay with its brand and products in an innovative approach to customer engagement.

For Muscle Nation’s founders, feedback is the focal point of their product development. “We have a community group on Facebook where fans can post anything,” Anthony explains. “Whether it’s positive, negative, or constructive, we take the feedback and make changes to our products or our methods.” The result is outcomes that feel informed by the Muscle Nation community, thereby ensuring future offerings are likely to prove a hit with its members.

When it comes to finding new fans, though, Anthony and Anastasi believe in the power of influencers. Rather than impersonally throwing money at Instagram advertising, the pair handpick individuals who evoke their brand’s culture. Ambassadors thus become part of the Muscle Nation family, and the community grows to include new organic followers and advocates for the product range.

Anthony and Anastasi understand that the Muscle Nation community is scalable to unparalleled heights. Due to the duo’s dedication to fan involvement and natural growth, the brand is now poised for international expansion at the click of a button.