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Why your website is not converting into transactional customers

Key website essentials for booming business

Your website is your business and your livelihood, and it’s credible. You’re one of 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, but the key factor is that your site must work efficiently, and it absolutely must create ongoing business. You’ve probably spent a fortune on creating your website, and if you’re a new business starter, frustration kicks in when business is slow or sometimes appears non-existant.

Analyse Your Website

When checking your website, carefully consider the wording and the content.  Is it easy to navigate; is it outstanding or full of unnecessary blurb? Most importantly, does it make you want to buy, or is it too busy, or too full-on to look at? Websites vary considerably but yours has to stand out, and be the number one hit. You need to build trust immediately in your customers. The site shouldn’t be too technical as this puts off would-be business, so what is offered should be easy to understand. How many times have you looked at a website which is totally confusing? Probably too many, plus, technology can be very confusing for some. However, there are consumers who want the maximum from a website search so you have to get the right balance. Check out some Melbourne website designers who offer full web solutions by building custom websites with white-hat coding and development.

Consider these factors in boosting your website conversions

  • All immediate key information is readily available

  • Customer testimonials

  • Any links to organisations that provide value

  • Insert logos of any awards

  • A contact us link – and a buy now button

  • Mobile friendly – 67% of users tend to buy from a website when websites are compatible with mobile devices

Your website must be eye-catching

Your website is your online shop, and you’re not alone out there. After all, there are many websites to choose from, so you need to be up there on the frontline telling customers that you are simply the best in the business. Focus on every key aspect your business has to offer, especially testimonials from satisfied customers, your insurance guarantees, and any extras offered. This all adds to offering attractive and desirable business.

Optimise for search engines

It is vital that you feature highly on Google rankings. However, the first thing you need to do is to start with an SEO or search engine optimisation campaign. This will then drive traffic to your website. You should include:

  • Inject keywords in your content that users will search for

  • Target keywords regarding your product

  • Internal linking to enable Google to crawl your website pages at a fast pace

  • Ensure you have CTA’s (call to actions) - an email address, and buy now button

Limit your choices of on-page content

Another reason why your website isn’t converting could be that your site offers too many choices which can be overwhelming and may actually confuse the customer. Their eye needs to read what is offered for your unique selling points with the key features, and then they’re immediately guided towards to the CTA – and buy now button!

Responsive web design

Nowadays over 53 per cent of website traffic is directed to a mobile phone so ensuring your website is user friendly to all smartphones is vital as it improves the user browsing journey and interface experience for easy access anywhere at any time.

Keep your website up-to-date

How many times have you visited an out-of-date website? This is not only bad practice, it’s also time wasting, and it’ll drive any potential customers away. In no time they’ll be clicking on other sites. Make sure of the following:

  • Post to social media and include hashtags

  • Get listed on online directories

  • Run paid advertising campaigns – write a really upbeat ‘We can, we will deliver, we’re the best’ advert

  • Provide updated blogs from guest bloggers

  • Check out the tutorials on Google ads for ecommerce

You’re nearly there!

So you’ve hopefully had a serious rethink about your website having studied all the information above. But there are a few more ideas to get good business conversion.

  • Check your web page speed

  • Ensure quality backlinks and SEO tools

  • Email newsletters

  • Keep ahead of competition

  • Host webinars

  • Provide videos. These are a great marketing tool

  • Write updated eye-catching headlines

  • Offer the latest news in your particular industry

  • Start an online community

  • Create a QR code reader

Stay ahead of your competition

All businesses compete to increase sales and gain new customers by changing their marketing strategies regularly. Having a top-notch website will mean more consumers, more profit, and greater success. Maintaining a competitive website is therefore essential. Furthermore, it’s a never-ending task in keeping your website up-to-date and in doing so, making sure that you are regularly converting into transactional business.