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Moving during the cold months? The Seven Most Important Things to Remember for a Smooth Transfer

Moving home during the holidays adds another layer of stress to an already tricky situation! Those two stressful situations can be challenging to manage independently, but Movee is eager to assist and even smiles.

We cannot bake the Christmas feast or assist you in selecting children's gifts, but we can guarantee the safe, quick, and economical delivery of all your holiday essentials!

Is the prospect of commencing the relocation over the holidays giving you the willies? Here's a quick overview of what has to be done to ensure a smooth migration.

  1. Begin early and create a list.

If you're reading this checklist, you've already started planning your move. That's good thinking! While preparation is essential for any relocation, it is especially necessary around the holidays.

The first step is to choose when you intend to relocate, as furniture removalists in Ryde are constantly in high demand. It would be more effective for you to message or call them directly to see if there is an opening. 

Conversely, how do you handle an urgent requirement to engage a removalist? Don't worry, we'll take care of everything.

  1. Hire reliable removalists in Sydney.

Moving during the holidays and dealing with damaged furniture, late removalists, or a rowdy crew are always stressful. 

This is why it's a good idea to look out for the removal company in your area online and read reviews from previous clients. We guarantee that our personnel will always be eager to assist, and we take great satisfaction in making moving as simple as possible for our customers.

Read their honest reviews on their Google or Facebook pages to ensure you hire a reputable, cost-effective, and efficient removals firm.

     3) Before you move in, ensure that everything has a place.

You want to move into a house with running water or power at the beginning of the year. Before you move in, make sure everything is in working order. Also, remember that most businesses take a short vacation (their employees need one, too).

Instead of waiting until something goes wrong to contact these organizations, it is preferable to be cautious and ensure no misinterpretation.

     4) Prepare in advance.

You should also plan ahead for all of the packing. Packing everything up can be a complex process, especially during the holidays. 

Consider how much time you'll need to pack, and add half that to your estimate! With guests, phone calls, and unexpected commitments on your calendar, that is how much time you may expect to have.

  1. Consider keeping anything that you won't be able to deal with immediately away.

When you return from your move, unpack and use the most crucial items, such as cookware and everyday essentials. Consider renting a storage unit if you only need storage space for a few days or weeks. 

Is it essential to clean your ski gear during the summer? Maybe not, but to give yourself a breather and adjust to your new home, why not move the necessities and store the rest?

  1. Make your party less stressful by hosting it outside.

It is natural that holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Eve are easygoing and enjoyable. Unexpected challenges are unavoidable, but relaxation and enjoyment should be your primary priority.

Have you ever wanted to make dinner for your family but needed to remember you had the pan in the package?

If you're concerned about having enough to do with the move preparations or want to spend more time with your family, consider allowing someone else to host the holiday reception this year.

  1. Enjoy yourselves!

Lastly, enjoy the season and let go of your problems. We wish you a happy new year and want you to know that our staff is available to assist with any moving or storage needs.