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School Leavers Choose Online Learning in Record Breaking Numbers

Why go to class when you can learn from home? That’s the opinion of many school leavers, according to new data from Statistica, which found significant growth in the Professional Certificates market in Australia.

You could say it stems back to COVID, where students were forced out of schooling systems to learn from home. 

You might also attribute it to the diversity of learning needs, with a dramatic increase in the number of Aussie kids diagnosed with neurodiverse issues such as ADHD and ASD. 

There’s even been an increased number of teenagers diagnosed with mental health issues in the past few years, which could be turning them away from traditional classrooms.

The Stats

Whatever the drive, the figures from Statistica show revenue in the Professional Certificates market is set to grow at a rate of around 5.9% over the next five years. It’s good news for service providers, with revenue for the market in Australia expected to reach over A$140 million in 2024, and A$187 million by 2029.

Statistica found that increased recognition of professional certificates has also impacted the demand for online training. Employers are taking notice of candidates who have specialised skills and knowledge. These skills recognition certificates offer a way for people to show their expertise in a specific field, based on first-hand experience.

According to Ben Klatt, CEO of RTO Skills Recognition International and former AusIndustry Project Manager, there’s no doubt the number of people studying online has been burgeoning.

"There's been a noticeable upturn in students choosing to do certificate courses online, despite predictions that young adults would flock back to the classroom after the fallout of the pandemic,” he says.

There are also a lot more options available for students, with an increased number of online training platforms making it more convenient and flexible than ever. Online platforms provide a world of opportunity, with learners able to access education from anywhere in the country (or the world). 

Industry-relevant skills courses are also increasingly popular, offering job-ready training that allows students to excel in their chosen field. This is particularly prevalent with new and emerging sectors, such as AI or data security.

Other key factors influencing the online training market include:

  • Australia’s strong economy and high employment rate
  • Diverse and thriving job market
  • The Government’s promotion of vocational education and training as an alternative to university degrees

In Summary

The shift towards online learning in the past few years has been substantial, and as we move forward, there’s no doubt the future of education for school leavers could be online. This transition gives students flexibility as well as aligning with the growing needs of today’s youth – and industry in general.