Braces and Invisalign for Your Teen

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Teeth problems often do not improve as one ages. They even become worse as the person reaches the adolescent years. This is problematic because teens are most conscious of their looks during this stage in their life. The good thing is that orthodontists have an effective solution to this concern. Teen braces and Invisalign are trusted treatment options that can fix issues related to overcrowded and crooked teeth alignment. Reading this article will give you an overview of these choices to help you make an informed decision on how to handle your child’s orthodontic concerns.


Braces have been around for centuries as a corrective solution to teeth problems. Traditional teen braces utilise bendable metal wires that put pressure on the teeth so that they will realign. Innovations on this type of braces have been made less noticeable by others, so teens can still confidently flash their smiles. Aside from its proven effectiveness, opting for traditional braces is often the least expensive solution for overcrowding teeth.

Another option that teens can consider is ceramic teen braces. This kind of braces is designed to mimic the same texture and colour of the teeth to make the attachment look more natural. It also involves the incorporation of wiring, but this, too, is designed to blend well with the teeth’s surface.

Lastly, teens can also opt for lingual braces. Their design is quite similar to traditional braces, but the primary difference is that they are installed on the back portion of the teeth. The wires and brackets can still be seen when the wearer opens his mouth, but they are less invasive and obvious than those that are worn in front.


Invisalign is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Its selling point is that it does not make use of wires since it is made of plastic aligners. Due to material that it uses, it can become nearly invisible. However, it has to be removed every meal so that it can be cleaned, which makes it susceptible to being lost and damaged. It may also cost twice compared to the other brace options.

When to get corrective teeth treatment

While they can do wonders in improving a teen’s confidence, braces and Invisalign are not just for cosmetic enhancement. They are preventive measures for future challenges like dental hygiene, periodontal diseases, and cavity formation. They also lessen the risk of injuries caused by protruding teeth. Furthermore, speech impairment can significantly improve by correcting teeth alignment.

It is recommended that children get their corrective treatment once all the permanent teeth have formed. This age is anywhere between 12-14, but there will be no concern if older teens undergo this process as well. The treatment procedure and aftercare often take around a year or two, depending on the severity of the condition.

Teeth misalignment is a fairly common condition that many teens face. The important thing to do is to remedy this problem as early as possible. Otherwise, the child may face more severe dental consequences in the future. Two of the best options available are braces and Invisalign. The corrective treatment takes time and commitment, so both the parents and the child need to be patient as they go through the process and the adjustments. However, the reward will be sweet since they will surely be rewarded with significant improvement in the teen's smile.

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