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Making your home look less empty

Having a crowded and cluttered home can be irritating to a lot of homeowners, but it’s easy to go too far in the other direction and end up with a really empty-looking house. Most people are used to seeing a lot of decorations and furniture, so guests and visiting family members might question whether or not you’ve put any effort into making your home look nice. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can quickly set up some new decorations to cover the empty spots, both in the short term and as a permanent addition to your home.

Divide rooms

Room dividers are a great way to use up space without committing to a big change. Regular standing dividers can be good for blocking movement and sight lines across larger rooms, letting you turn one large area into two or three smaller spots. Hanging curtains can also block light without obstructing movement too much.

Move seating

Inching your sofas and chairs closer together can make a room feel much smaller, especially if a lot of people will be sitting in there at once. Seating can take up a surprising amount of space if it’s arranged properly, and moving them inwards rather than against the walls also leaves room for you to walk behind them.

Use rugs

A rug can fill in empty floorspace without physically blocking people from moving around. It makes sense for a rug to be completely exposed, so guests will see the space as “full” even though it’s still just empty floor. Most rugs will rest perfectly on any kind of flooring, especially thicker ones.

Grow plants

There are certain types of indoor plants that spread out their leaves, which can be a useful way to fill up empty corners or windowsills, whereas thinner plants are good for filling gaps between seats or other pieces of furniture. They don’t necessarily have to be real: you can always buy some fake plants instead if you don’t have time to take care of them.

Add posters

Posters are a cheap, quick way to cover up blank space on the wall, and are much less permanent than some other wall decorations. Some people prefer to get posters of films, games and celebrities they like, but it’s not hard to find a photo printing service if you’d prefer to get something specific printed, like a collage of family photographs or a piece of art done by a family member.

Hang curtains

Bare windows aren’t necessarily a problem, but not having a way to cover them up can make a room feel much larger, since the area around your home is always visible. Blinds and opaque curtains let you block sight lines but still let some natural light through, and you’ll still be able to draw them back whenever you need to.


Regardless of the floor plan or the style of the house architecture, every house seems to have a room, no matter how it is decorated, it looks very small and dull. You can paint the walls, rearrange the furniture, add mirrors, or even add colourful and bright paintings, but they still do not look ...

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Brightening a certain thing and place is attributed to its electrical connection. The connection is payable to the government and concerned authorities. In a home, there are many connections where the chargers of the phone, lights and other electronics are connected. Electricity is hence the inven...

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Everyone wants their house and workplace to look beautiful and tidy. Nobody wants to live in a place that does not please or inspire them. It is important to keep your home and workplace clean because these are the two places where everyone spends the best part of their day. Keeping your home clea...

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Interior Design for Beginners

Interior design is a field that interests a lot of people, and for good reason – having creative control over your own space can be a very fun and extremely rewarding aspect of home ownership. The only problem many encounter, however, is where to begin. Although certain styles might interest you...

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6 Tips to Give Your Home a Facelift on a Shoestring Budget

Melbourne ranks at 79th most expensive city of 209 cities surveyed in a recent report and is among the most expensive cities in Oceania. It's therefore understandable to want to make some cost savings whenever possible. If your house is looking a little drab and overworn, you might be worrie...

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Constructing A Magnetic Knife Rack from Scratch

Anyone who knows their way around a kitchen should be aware of the importance of a knife – whether it be for chopping, slicing or carefully cutting, knives are invaluable tools in the arsenal of any good home cook. Finding an appropriate home for them is often difficult however – whether it be...

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The History of Tessellated Patterns in Art And Architecture

It’s not uncommon for us to see patterns everywhere in our daily lives. They can be naturally formed, such as with the intricate honeycomb lattices formed by bees and the webs of spiders, or the repetition implemented by artists in their works. These kinds of patterns – ones that repeat themse...

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The fast-paced professional life doesn’t cough up much breathing space. Amidst all the activities and responsibilities, it becomes tough to get a dose of anything that might lighten your mood or make you relax. Most people fall prey to stress, depression, and become sleep-deprived while attempti...

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Most annoying plumbing problems and their solutions

A home can bring us both joys and dislikes, since breakdowns can arise at any time. Among all the problems, plumbing are usually the most common. We must know how to deal with these faults, since they can arise at any time. We tell you about common household plumbing problems and how to solve them. ...

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Is your garden lacking in colour? With the arrival of sunny days, it's time to give it a facelift by rethinking your garden decor! For this, many development possibilities exist, whether planting, decorative objects or garden furniture. But have you thought about shade sails online? In addition t...

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Vinyl flooring - what is it?

Vinyl flooring is a durable and waterproof multi-layer floor covering based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This type of flooring is called differently: vinyl floor, vinyl tile, vinyl laminate, PVC tile, quartz-vinyl tile, quartz-vinyl laminate, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles - this is the name popular in t...

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Pros and cons of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has become the choice of flooring for homeowners around the world due to its versatility and durability. It is water and dirt resistant and a cost-effective way to add beauty to your floor. It is mostly installed in places like the kitchen and bathroom due to its water-resistant fea...

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