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4 Critical Pool Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed. This is impossible if the pool is dirty, the walls are packed with green teaks, the water isn’t clear, and the filters are clogged with dirt and leaves. Remember that these problems can cost you more money and time. So, it’s vital to ensure regular pool maintenance. Regardless of how long you own a pool and its size and style, it’s a must to keep it clean and safe. The following are five critical pool maintenance tips every homeowner like you needs to know.

Check the Chemical Levels

The alkalinity, sanitiser level, and pH levels are the three common indicators of water chemistry. As technical as they sound, they play a crucial role in pool maintenance. These indicate how alkaline and acid your pool water is and the quantity of chlorine present in it. Water testing kits are needed to regularly check your pool’s chemical levels. If you know the chemical levels, you can begin adding chemicals to create a balance—not with too much alkaline or acid and just the proper amount of chlorine.

Pay Close Attention to the Water Level

Checking the water level is another important pool maintenance tip you shouldn’t neglect. You need to do this regularly so that your pool remains in great condition. Low water levels can pose issues in the pump and trigger it to burn up or run dry. A water level that’s too high can also pose problems, such as the skimmer door not functioning as it should. You, therefore, need to make sure that the water level of your pool is just right.

Keep the Filters Clean

The pool can usually be cleaned by removing the cap and lifting the filter’s basket to get rid of unwanted debris. By keeping the filters clean at least once a week, the life of your pool’s system will be greatly improved. Also, the water will remain clean and free of trash. Not to mention, the pipes need to be washed at least once a month. The majority of pool systems available in the market offer a backwash option. Eliminate the basket and make use of this option and allow the water to run.

Skim the Swimming Pool’s Surface

Skimming is a crucial part of pool maintenance. This eliminates the floating debris before they sink into the bottom of the pool water. Swimming pools are what you make them, so if you fail to maintain them, they might end up as a liability. If a pool is well-maintained, on the other hand, it adds value to your home and serves as a stunning backyard landscape centrepiece.

Crystal-clear pool water is the dream of every owner. However, it is not difficult at all if you know everything about its maintenance. Of course, hiring professionals is necessary to achieve the desired results. They increase your pool’s lifespan, but there are also a lot of things you can do yourself to keep it in good condition. One of them is using a high-quality swimming pool cleaner.