Timeless style: 4 outstanding benefits of the back to the wall bathtub

Ahh, the back to the wall bathtub: a stunning, timeless design that is most common in Aussie bathrooms for many a good reason. Whether it’s for its space-saving, easily installable design, or for the way it invigorates a bathroom’s aesthetic, or even because it is a safer option for bathing the kids, you cannot beat the legendary wall-backing bath for a timeless solution.

With this in mind, we thought we would share with you some of the ultimate benefits of the back to the wall bathtub, just so you can make the final decision on whether or not this design classic is perfect for you:

  1. They are ultimate space-savers

At the end of the day, two of the most important things in the modern home are space-saving and storage solutions, something which this particular design allows for both.

If you often find yourself pining for more space in your bathroom and have been wondering why it always feels like you’re dodging and ducking around everywhere, perhaps it’s time to consider this bath style as it blends seamlessly into the corner of the bathroom and allows for so much more space whenever you need it!

  1. They blend in seamlessly, allowing for further design freedom

Whilst many bath options are infamous for taking up too much bathroom space and thus dominating the bathroom’s aesthetic, the back to the wall bathtub blends in seamlessly with the design, sitting comfortably in the corner and allowing for you to do pretty much whatever you want with the rest of the bathroom.

What’s more, there is a near-endless plethora of styles and designs you can choose from, thus ensuring that you will always be able to choose a style that is most suitable for your design wishes. Once you have installed the bath into the corner (or another part of the bathroom) you can then comfortably move onto the rest of the design process, creating your dream bathroom that is, of course, complete with a pretty fabulous tub to boot!

  1. They come in a huge range of stylish designs

One of the most important things for home renovators is the ability to design their bathroom in the exact style they want, right? After all, the bathroom must be a place of ultimate comfort and serenity, and therefore the last thing you want is to end up with a bath that doesn’t reflect your lifestyle or design wishes.

Luckily, with this beautiful style, you can find a plethora of designs that will make you say, ‘oh, yep, that’s the one we want for our bathroom”. All you have to do is browse your local back to the wall bathtub supplier and you are bound to find a wondrous array of beautiful designs that will perfectly complement your bathroom!

  1. They are safer for kids

Kids don’t know their limits - I think we can all agree on that. Unfortunately, this often means that kids don’t know how dangerous they are being around certain home amenities!

The freestanding bathtub, for example, is a stylish option that, unfortunately, is not so suitable for kids to play around. The back to the wall option is much safer for kids and you won’t have to worry about them climbing up onto the side of that less-safe freestanding tub when they want to jump in like it’s an Olympic-sized swimming pool!

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