From Clutter to Clarity: The Psychology of Sorting and Storing Goods

Organising your home can be a challenging task. We're not talking about simply finding places for things to live – we’re talking about creating a system that suits your lifestyle and means everything is sorted and stored in a way that makes life easier. The good news is that, although you'll need to tailor your set-up to what works best for you and others in your home, there are some universal tips that can benefit anyone looking to reorganise their space. 

Store Less Commonly Used Items Elsewhere

First, you will want to remove anything that isn't used regularly from your main living space. If the item is something you don't think you'll ever use again, donating or selling it is your best option. 

If it will get used but only in a certain season, consider using one of the more affordable self storage units in Melbourne or your nearest major city to free up space in your home. Not only will this make your living spaces feel more open and airy, but it will also leave more storage available for the things you use all the time.

Keep Things Where They Make The Most Sense To You

Next, you will want to work out where you use each item most. For example, while standard conventions say your coffee machine should live in the kitchen, there’s no rule saying you can’t create a coffee hub in your home office. 

If you use certain cleaning products only in certain rooms, there’s no reason you can’t store them where you use them. It certainly is common practice to store all cleaning goods in your laundry or beneath your kitchen sink, but if that doesn’t make sense for you, feel free to go your own way. 

Hanging Storage Isn't Just For Clothes 

While you're probably used to placing your clothes on hangers when you put them away, they're not the only item in your home that can be stored effectively by being suspended. Cookware, for example, can be far easier to access when it's hung over your kitchen island or near your stove. This can also help preserve the condition of your pots and pans, as they're not being scraped against each other each time you need to find a specific one. The same can go for shoes, jewellery, tools, cleaning products, and all sorts of other household items. 

Rotate Your Wardrobe 

Organising your wardrobe by season is a great way to make getting dressed in the morning a more streamlined process. Because everything suitable for the weather you're likely to experience at a particular time of year is stored together, you can craft outfits with less effort. 

Take your closest organising a step further by rotating your clothes each season. Your choices will become even more precise, and mornings (and events) will be a breeze. An organised and cohesive wardrobe is a significant perk when you consider that decision fatigue is a real psychological problem that can be deeply detrimental. 

Labels Are Your Friends

Finally, it’s important that you don’t simply shove everything in storage and put it out of sight. To avoid running into a situation where you need something but cannot find it for your life, label your containers, making it clear where everything is. If you have a lot of stuff, you can get really technical and create a spreadsheet detailing what is stored where. 

Your home should be organised in a way that makes your life easier. These tips will help, but optimising everything for your situation is essential. Happy sorting!