Exploring the Age of Self-Love

  • Written by News Company

An Important Practice

2018 is an interesting time. We have seen some strange things as a collective. Just the birth of the internet alone has connected humanity in such a profound way that we did not even realize it at the time. One of the many results of this connection has been civil and cultural movements and refinement.

For a long time people have been pushing themselves, beating themselves up all the time and feeling like they simply weren’t good enough no matter what they were doing. That has started to change though, as the self-esteem movement has been sweeping the nation. What started as just a few trying to be more positive has turned into an entire ideology where people are tired of feeling inadequate, and begin to purposefully and mindfully see themselves as great just as they are.


It Ain’t Easy

While it has become an increasingly common practice to be more positive, people are discovering that it is easier said than done. We are entering a new age where we have started to love and appreciate ourselves more, to put our own needs for self-love above all else. This is wise because if we don’t have love for ourselves, we cannot build a good foundation to provide love for others.

This is still not easy because there is such thing as too much self-love as well, which means we end up getting in a kind of balancing act. We are discovering as this movement grows that life is all about balance. We cannot steer ourselves too far in either direction.

When we get down on ourselves or keep giving ourselves to someone else who does not give back in exchange, it comes from a lack of self love. In the same vein, when we spend too much time worried about ourselves we become selfish and don’t help others even when we are more than capable of doing so. The important thing to do is learn how to find the golden mean between the two.


Practice Makes Perfect

Another problem we have is that we have often been so negative that we do it out of habit. As a result, becoming positive is something that takes conditioning too. One thing that helps is inspiring quotes, just reading a handful a day can help you start off in the right direction.

What we put into our mind is usually what comes out of it, so it stands to reason if we feed ourselves with more positivity that is what we will produce.

This all comes down to conditioning and our daily routine. That is really all there is to it. There is no profound secret, simply routine discipline and the right mindset. Just like an olympic athlete trains their body, we must train our mind to be more positive and we will begin to do so automatically without mindful direction. Then the more positivity we put out into the world, the more will come back to us as well.

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