Actions to let your child know how important they are

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As they grow up every child wants to feel like they are the most special person in their parent’s lives. It is a natural desire and one that most parents do well to meet. But it can be hard as well, and it does require effort. Because it is one thing to say the correct words – ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ or ‘Looking forward to seeing you’ - but it is quite another to underscore them with the actions that mean so much and which are so noticed by little people. So, what are these actions that send the same message as words but, so often, with so much more power and influence? Here are a few ideas to help highlight to your children just how important they are to you.

Celebrate their efforts

They might not yet be Van Gogh or Picasso, but little children love to draw and paint. It is probably worth noting that at three Van Gogh and Picasso were not great artists either. But they were almost certainly encouraged by their parents, with their efforts hung on the wall like genuine pieces of art. So, find a supplier who sells custom picture frames Sydney has several of these suppliers to choose from, buy an awesome frame and get your child’s art onto the wall. Don’t just stick it to the fridge, put it up on the wall in the same way that you hang other valuable pieces of art – it sends an important message.

Watch their sport

Most children like to get involved in some sport or cultural activity. It might be little-league soccer or beginner’s cricket or ballet or hip-hop. Whatever it is, they love it when you watch. But don’t be that parent who pushes them too hard or who shouts instructions from the sideline. Let them enjoy it in their way and you take your joy from being there and seeing them happy and content. When feeding back to them afterward don’t tell them how much you enjoyed seeing them score a goal, rather let them know how much you enjoyed seeing them having fun and enjoying themselves. If you are able to do that you will be creating a happy and supportive ecosystem. And make sure that you watch as much as possible – it might not be the most thrilling soccer that you will ever see, but it means the world to them.

Be present

It is very easy to be at home or at the dinner table but to not actually be present. This is particularly true in this era of cell-phones and screens and business calls. Make sure that when you are having family time that you are interacting with each other, making eye contact and asking meaningful questions. No person, child or adult, wants to feel that they are less important than a mobile phone, so don’t share that message by prioritising the latter ahead of the former. Children are forever, they are an investment and not paying the right amount of attention to them can have disastrous consequences for their self-esteem later in life.

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