Make Your Swimming Pools Comfy: Choose Your Pool Thermometers Wisely

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Have you ever watched swimming events or diving competitions on TV and wondered how the clear blue water feels like? Have you watched movies with scenes of indoor or outdoor pools and wonder how cold or hot the water must have been? Yes, water temperature need to be regulated, it should not be the same in all cases and locations. Private and public swimming pools may also have different needs.

In general, these are made for recreational and leisure activities. In fact, if we ask why people use swimming pools, a swimming enthusiast would say because he/she likes swimming. A lot of people enjoy swimming, but this will turn to bitterness or disappointment when one jumps into water that could either be too warm or too cold. Just imagine, jumping into a warm water during a very hot summer day when you expected the clear blue water to be something cool and refreshing. Click here to learn more reasons why temperature needs to be regulated.

Is It Too Cold or Too Warm?

Experts have set the standard temperature for swimming pools at around 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit (25-28 °C). Any temperature that will be less or more than this range will not be suitable for a user’s comfort. Too low or too high temperatures are detrimental to user’s health.

Warm water is a thriving environment for microorganisms. When the water is too warm, microorganisms and bacteria proliferate, this affects the balance of chemicals needed in the water. Like, for example, if it is treated with chlorine, the rapid increase of bacteria will run the chlorine out quickly. Also, if the water is also too warm it can cause overheating of the body, dehydration, and muscle cramps.

When the human body comes in direct contact with cold water, it has to adjust its temperature for it to be comfortable in this environment. This rapid adjustment can cause damage to its natural mechanism. It will also affect users who have heart problems and may even also affect those who are deemed healthy individuals. Users will also not enjoy it when the water becomes too cold.

Regulating the temperature, therefore, is critical to the satisfaction of its users. Get more tips on water temperature here:

Swimming Pool Thermometers

Finding the right balance of water temperature may not be easy without a thermometer. A thermometer aids owners to regulate the temperature of their swimming pool and ensure that a comfortable and cost-effective operation is arrived at.

These thermometers can either be analog or digital.

  1. Digital: This kind uses a sensing probe submerged in the water and which relays a reading to a display. Most digital thermometers are now wireless, composed of two parts: the sensor and the receiver. This type typically runs by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Its advantages include speed, accuracy, and convenience, but it is more expensive than the other type.

  2. Analog: This type of thermometer looks and behaves like the traditional thermometer where the display is a thin strip of glass or plastic, with alcohol or mercury that will move up to indicate the

There are also subtypes to these types of thermometer:

  1. Floating – this thermometer sits on the surface of the water and reading can be less accurate because it is not properly submerged in the water.

  2. Hanging – this type hangs on the side of the poolside and is submerged a few inches deep.

  3. Handheld – this type is either placed temporarily into the water until an accurate reading is obtained or infrared laser that performs a point and shoot action.

Choosing the Right Thermometer for You

Both digital and analog thermometers have been used widely by pool owners for years and nothing can go wrong with either types. In choosing the best option, consider the following factors:

  • Reading accuracy – there will always be minimal differences in readings in either types, but what can be considered is the reading frequency and number of channels supported.

  • Line of sight – the distance in which the sensor and display can effectively communicate to get a reading

  • Battery life – How many batteries are necessary and how long will it last before changing is necessary? Does it have a battery indicator or alarm when the battery needs changing? Is it solar powered?

  • Durability – For how long will the equipment last?

Check out the top pool thermometers in the market. You may also want to consider brand names, reviews and warranties when you make your pick. Bear in mind that choosing the right thermometer that is best for your needs is as important as the comfort and satisfaction of its users. Especially for public pool operators, client satisfaction really matters.

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