What to wear on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick Day isn't a day like the other festive holidays. It is a unique holiday and should be fun for various reasons. Unlike other days, there are no gifts for you to give. Another thing, this is not a festive season, and for that, a huge meal won't be needed. It is a day where you can choose the food to make but be sure you add a green touch.

In Ireland, St. Patrick was the one who founded Christianity. They also refer to him as an Apostle of Ireland or primary patron saint. Each year on March 17th, they celebrate as a cultural and religious holiday worldwide which dates his death.

St. Patrick's Day does not have many requirements, only to wear green! In the article, you can find different attires to wear on the day.

Let’s get started:

Shamrock Shirt

You need a basic shirt to wear during this holiday. Choose a shamrock shirt, and you can wear it year after year. When buying this shirt, choose a white and green design. It is a comfy tee adorned with a shamrock, and you can get it here. The price is budget-friendly for something you will wear year-round.

Festive Socks

Another cloth you can wear on this holiday is festive socks. These will provide you with an appropriate amount of green and help you to avoid being pinched.

Pick a pair of socks you can wear discreetly under the slacks. These will be subtle, and you can wear them anytime or anywhere. If going to the office or working at home, a pair of socks will make you feel festive enough.

Green Sweatshirt

Most likely, you will be celebrating the day at home. But first, learn and understand St. Patrick's Day traditions of the day.

Get into the celebration spirit by wearing green on your loungewear. Add another bright colour to bring contrast to your look. By doing so, you create something that pops on Zoom.

Green Hair Accessory

You want to celebrate the day in a style. Pick a green headband or bow to elevate any outfit. The green is to ensure you stick to the theme of this special day.

Combine Green and Khaki

If you want to look ordinary and celebrate the day, mix these two colours. An excellent outfit for a lady is a khaki trench coat with a green belt. Such will make a good combination, thus retro and glamorous.

The Bottom Line

St. Patrick's Day is special. However, don't dress yourself in a leprechaun costume for you to wear green. Consider the above grown-up ways and incorporate the colour in your wardrobe.

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