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How Do You Develop A Blog Like A Pro? All You Must Know

  • Written by NewsCo

Blogs are informative tools on the internet. You can use blogs for educational and corporate uses. In our modern world, thousands of folks earn money through blogs. Blogging houses s robust benefits for any person out there regardless of their social status. 

Blogging and Vlogging require marketing tactics to create the brand for the creator. Say you’re a Twitch streamer. You need to put yourself out there in order to gain attention from your target audience. As a newbie you can use the help of some services to get twitch viewers. The same applies to blogging and vlogging elsewhere.

No blogger is born a writer; frequent practice irons your writing. Blogs are at times the best outlets since you can relieve yourself from stress through writing. At the mention of the word blog, you imagine the high level of skills you need to come up with.

Take a breath and relax as you learn the simple steps to start a blog;

Ignite your idea

When starting a blog, you must focus on a certain topic. Your idea does not have to be unique; no blog is unique all that matters is creativity. When deciding on the topic, think how big and deep it fascinates you.

If it comes with a continuous flow of ideas then go for it. Also, consider your audience before picking on your topics. Think of their daily challenges and experiences.

Choosing the name of your blog

Choosing the name of your blog is the next step after you decide on your topic. Your blog just like any other business must have a name. The simplest way to name your blog is to combine all your ideas and summarize them. Think of 5-10 words, and then check their existence as domains. 

A domain is a host for your blog on the internet. Your domain name should end with should be short and clear. Do not include numbers, characters like hyphens on your domain name.

Get Web-hosting 

Web-hosting is posting your blog is the location where your blog lives. There are both free and premium web hosting providers. At this point, your blog is viewable online.

At this point, you can now register your domain name. Web hosting providers can host your blog for a period of twelve months to twenty-four months.

Install Blogging Software

The most popular blogging software is Word press. People prefer WordPress over other blogging software since it's user-friendly. WordPress is also free making the best choice for blogging software.

In addition, it has multiple plugins, enabling you to modify your blog according to your desire. Another bright side for word press is that it is easy to install.

Design your blog with a WordPress theme

WordPress has designs known as themes in the blogging world. Your choice of themes depends on the name of your blog and what you want to impact on your readers.

Themes are not constant; you can change them over time. If the free themes are not good enough; you can go the premium way. You can buy premium themes from sites like ThemeForest, elegant themes e.t.c.

Customize and Optimize Your WordPress Blog

At this point, you can now enhance the look of your blog. Conspicuous themes and designs will play a vital role in stealing the reader's eye. You can also add plugins that improve the performance of your blog.

You also perform search engine optimization at this level.SEO is the process of optimizing your blog so that it can appear in the search engines as specific phrases or keywords.

Brainstorm Blog Topics

Now your blog is complete technically. Your next obligation here is to come up with fascinating topics. Ideal topics will attract heavy traffic to your blog.

Topics come from personal experiences. You can look around and create topics of success and past failures. Try something different with your blog; avoid doing it like other people. Think of topics that affect your readers directly or indirectly.

Write Your Master Piece

WordPress has an automatic editor like your word processing tool. From the WordPress administrator, you create new entries. You can now enter the text of your preferences. Add visual aspects to your blog as well; they will attract your readers.

Consider adding images to your blog content since they pass the message better than words. You are almost through with your blog now.

Never hit the publish button before you preview your work.

Create an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar assists you in knowing when to update your blog. It also helps with inconsistency in your blogging. You can mark when to edit your content; maybe daily, weekly or monthly. The society is changing fast and unexpectedly hence the need for frequent editing of your blog.

Monetize your Blog

Now you come to the final stage of your blog. It is the stage that will act like the pay slip. Of course long-term blogs are likely to pay more than most recent. However, your content may attract heavy traffic depending on its quality.

You start from somewhere. Soon there will ads all over on your blog. 


Blogging helps people settle bills. Dream holiday destinations are made possible as a result of blogging. People learn from your blogs and change their lifestyle. Blogs are important and they will always be with us. Any time you want to teach, educate and earn money; consider following the above steps and create your blog.