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Need An Awesome Holiday Spot? Think Noosa

  • Written by News Feature Team

Located in Queensland, Noosa is one the greatest tourists’ destinations. It is surrounded by amazing rivers, beaches, national parks and hinterlands. If you are looking for a place to relax and soak with the surroundings, this is a good place for you. With the following 7 things in your bucket list, you can never go wrong in Noosa.

1. Noosa National Game Park

An incredible national park located just a short stroll from Noosa Main Beach. It’s home to endangered wildlife such as koalas. Don’t forget to bring a swimming costume because there are smaller beaches throughout the park where you can swim. If you love moving about, there are plenty of stunning walking trails where you can enjoy this.

2. Sunday Farmers’ Market

Sample a number of cuisines that are freshly grilled, fried, or even served as they are on the spot. If you are a foodie who has visited Noosa, this is the best place to purchase fresh produce. You will also taste the best smoothies that are bursting with colour, full of nourishing super foods and trumped up with vibrant energy.

3. Fraser Island

This is the largest sand island in the world. You can swim and unwind at Lake Mackenzie and Lake Birrabeen which are famous for their turquoise colours and fine dazzling white sands. Pristine rain-forest, with luxuriant canopy of vines and palms will create an awesome scene as you travel through the 75 Mile Beach. A visit to Fraser Island will also give you a chance to see permanent fixtures such as Shipwreck of the SS Maheno and have a refreshing dip at Eli Creek.

4. Jet Boat Riding

You must try this activity if you are planning a vacation to Noosa. It is full of adventure and you will need a lot of courage to pursue it. Simply put, it is not for the simple-hearted. If you are looking for a breathtaking experience that will soak you wet and shoot the level of your adrenaline, jet boat riding is what you do.

5. Surfing

Ever dreamt of learning how to ride a wave? Making a trip to Noosa will make your dream come true. With experienced instructors, you will learn to make a 1-2-3 turn on a surf and you will have made at least one stand up on your own by the end of the lesson. This is a perfect activity you don’t want to miss for you to see the turtles.

6. Everglades

The Everglades in Noosa make a beautiful place to cruise as you enjoy the multi-coloured cliffs and forested dunes. Beaches found in this region will add into your having a golden scenic adventure. Cruising in this region of Noosa could be an amazing way to end your tour on a scenic note.

7. Underwater World

The Underwater World is another tourist attraction in Noosa. It is the perfect place to have close and personal experiences with the sharks, seals and more. You can watch the sharks feed or dive from the 80 metre transparent tunnel in the Oceanarium. You will definitely have an experience to remember by visiting this place.


The above list should guide you on places you should put into consideration when planning for a trip to Noosa. There are still plenty of amazing things to do here. If you haven't started planning your vacation, do it already.

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