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Where to stay in Brisbane

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Despite its business city tag, Brisbane, invites a large number of unique footfalls on a day to day basis. A busy city, Brisbane offers nice pubs and restaurants along with interesting sights and sounds. If you are looking for places to stay during your holiday in Brisbane, then here are a few choices to consider.

Brisbane CBD

If you plan to stay close to the heart of the city then Brisbane CBD Accommodation will make for an ideal choice. Most of the tourist spots are located around CBD, making them easy to access via public transport. You can hop on the city hopper that will take you around town. Consider stopping over at a few worthwhile spots including Fortitude valley and Kangaroo Point.


The heart of the city is not for all and some of you might want to stay away from the hustle and bustle. Southbank can make for a wonderful choice as things slow down and a sense of peace and quiet prevails. It is located around twenty minutes from CBD, so you can walk over to catch the hopper. You can also check out the City Cat to explore parts of the city not covered by the hopper. You will find a variety of restaurants and pubs to visit.

New Farm

New farm is for those looking for some peaceful time away from the city. There are no fancy hotels or businessmen hustling in their suits. It is quite calm and peaceful. Fortitude Valley is just ten minutes away by cab. There is an interesting food and bar scene here, sure to appeal to everyone in your family.

Some good hotels to consider in Brisbane include Sofitel, Limes hotel, Ibis styles, Tryp Fortitude Valley hotel and Next hotel. You can choose one based on the activities you wish to engage in.


As you can see, there are no dearth of places to stay in Brisbane and something to suit all needs!

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