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5 Tips for Travel Photographers Who Want to Go Pro

  • Written by Mudasir Ali

You've decided that you want to pursue your passion to become a professional travel photographer, but you're confused about what steps to take next. First off, celebrate the fact that you're willing to push past the conventional mold set in society to do a traditionally practical job. After your done relishing your decision, it's time to get to work. When conducting your research, remember to keep these five tips in mind if you want to become a well-rounded professional travel photographer.

1. Make sure your transportation is insured.


As a traveling photographer, you're going to be driving your vehicle an awful lot. With this in mind, you need to make getting the right insurance policy a top priority. The minimum car insurance requirements will vary from state to state. However, if you're driving you'll need at least some form of coverage for your car. Since you'll likely be traveling quite often for work, it's a smart idea to invest in comprehensive coverage for your insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance is a more valuable choice than liability insurance because it will cover the cost of repairs to other's vehicles in the case of a collision. Comprehensive car insurance is like collision coverage and liability insurance all wrapped into one insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance also covers your vehicle in the event of car accident damage, theft, vandalism, weather damage like hail or fire damage, and damages made to your car regardless of who caused the accident. This way, you'll have peace of mind on the road rather than tons of stress if an accident does occur.

2. Rent your equipment.


Many photographers don't know that there is a rental service on the market that allows you to rent various camera equipment. You read that right—this means you can rent various lens packages, 4k cameras, or mirrorless cameras. This also means you get to try out that new mirrorless Sony Alpha a7R III or rent a lens from a brand you simply can't afford to buy right now.

All you have to do is rent it online, shoot whatever stills you dream of, and return the equipment by the end of your rental period. You get the opportunity to choose whatever you want to try. Not to mention, this service will ship the gear directly to you. Or, if you're on the road, you can pick it up at some of BorrowLense's pick-up locations. The lens or ultra HD camera of your choice will also come with a prepaid return label so you can return it without a hassle.

3. Advertise well and often.


If you're trying to make it big time, then you have to advertise yourself and your work. Many photographers are used to a life behind the lens, but it's also essential to share who you are along with what you have to offer. Since you can't share a photograph with every person you encounter, you should, instead, invest in a family-owned business card printing service to get business cards that have your contact information on them.

Your very own business card can include your email, social media handles, the average cost of services, phone number, and whatever else you want to include. By handing out a custom business card on high quality paper stock you're making a great first impression and supporting a small business much like your own. Moreover, having your business card also means reaching potential customers that will look into your photography.

4. Invest in high-quality items.


You're serious about photography, so it's time to commit to this profession. Overall, it's a good idea to invest in at least one high-quality camera and a few lenses. Although renting is great, it isn't a long-term option for most. This is why you have to save enough cash to put money into a camera and lens that will help you achieve your goals.

Check out a list of the best cameras for 2021. However, you should know that more commonly, the body isn't as important as the lens is for photography. For travel photography, in particular, you'll want to invest in a good quality super-zoom lens. These lenses have extra-long zoom ranges that allow you to capture breathtaking expansive photos, but they also allow the freedom to zoom in for particular shots making them the best option for an investment in your professional lens lineup.

5. Follow your dreams.


This fifth tip may sound cheesy, but it's important to remember. Going pro to make money just won't cut it in this business. You have to maintain a passion for your photographs. Never neglect what drives your dreams and passions in the photography industry. Travel where your heart leads you and remember to photograph what feels meaningful to you.

This is an easy way to ensure that you're happy and satisfied with the route you're taking. Finally, don't forget that success doesn't just happen overnight. Other professionals share that it takes around five years to build up your business. You'll likely have to work on photographing and sharing your work religiously to build a portfolio that you're proud to show off.

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