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Twig Learning Center Launches A New Innovative Chemistry Learning App

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 March 2023 - With an aim to provide engaging learning methods to Chemistry students in Singapore, Twig Learning Center is pleased to announce a newly launched application designed to aid students in their studies and revision.
Currently, the online learning platform is limited for use to Twig Learning Center’s tuition classes, however it may have plans to expand to the public in the future.

This application features a comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), that includes a video solution, written solution, and the final answer. Students can now look forward to testing their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in class, with the added benefit of an in-depth pre-recorded explanation for those who require further assistance.

In addition to the MCQs, the app also comes with a set of assignments allocated to each student. The assignments are developed and curated by Twig Learning Center’s team of experienced tutors. These assignments will help students in their revision process by providing them with an opportunity to practice and apply their knowledge effectively outside of the classroom.

As a testament to Twig Learning Center’s commitment to making Chemistry lessons accessible to all students, the tuition center has also recently set up a laboratory to facilitate practical activities. In the laboratory, students can participate in hands-on scientific demonstrations and experiments under the supervision of qualified tutors.

Established in 2008, Twig Learning Center was founded by Mr Donnell Koh, a former teacher at Raffles Junior College and Meridian Junior College (now Tampines Meridian Junior College). Twig Learning Center was established with the objective of demonstrating that chemistry tuition in Singapore can be effectively facilitated through the utilization of carefully devised teaching methods, resulting in a more engaging and easily understandable learning experience.

Its O Level Chemistry tuition, as well as A Level, IB, and IP Chemistry tuition, are all carried out by carefully selected tutors who are equally qualified. Through the introduction of this online learning app and laboratory, Twig Learning Center seeks to continue helping students achieve high scores in their Chemistry examinations.

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