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About Sea World Resort Gold Coast

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Get your tickets to Sea World online here and make friends with our amazing marine life. Get below the surface and experience a world of incredible rides, shows and attractions. Find out more about the great attractions at Sea World here!

Sea World Resort

About Sea World

Sea World at Main Beach on the Gold Coast in Australia is iconic. It is a Gold Coast institution. Sea World is a must visit.

For decades, Sea World has been creating new attractions while improving the super popular rides, shows, displays and attractions.

When you visit Sea World you can certainly spend an entire day and not enjoy any attraction over and over again. There are rides and shows for children and all the family to enjoy. You can swim at Sea World so bring your swimming gear.

Visitors can get in the water with wild sea life and come face to face with creatures that might want to eat you. Fortunately the predators are behind clear safety barriers.

The food at Sea World is really good. Sea World has moved beyond the junk food that used to be on offer at other resorts. Lots of cultures are catered for in the vast dining areas.

Be sure to bring a camera and some sun screen because you will be out and about having fun at Sea World.

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Sea World Resort

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